Server down for updates 1.7.9

Everythings all updated to 1.7.9 now, go free and frolic.

Howdy folks. We’re currently moving through the process of updating the servers (Lobby/Survival/Event+Creative/Vanilla) to 1.7.9. This should bring some slight game improvements, stop zombies from having all night chicken egg raves and generally be a good thing (Progress!).

Unfortunately, this also requires us to take down the server to do the update. So, as of this post Lobby and Event/Creative are now on 1.7.9 with survival and vanilla expected to take a couple of hours.

You won’t need to update your client but it is recommended to move to 1.7.9.

Thanks for your paitence πŸ˜€

6 thoughts on “Server down for updates 1.7.9”

    1. Howdy basincc, when we did the update it changed the spawn position for everyone to the first join one. If you type /spawn you will be able to get to all the portals.

      Sorry for any inconvenience.

    1. There are some issues with the older pre 1.7.9 clients but they’re rather minor (Skull items not showing their skin) but apart from that 1.7.5 will do nicely πŸ˜€

  1. Thats weird, i updated to 1.7.9 and i STILL cant join the server it just says: connection refused: no further infomation

    1. We had some unexpected downtime tonight, so that might be the reason. If you still can’t logon, reply here or jump on IRC and we’ll see what we can do about getting you back online πŸ˜€

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