1.8 FAQ

Lots of questions about what’ll be happening with 1.8 so it’s FAQ TIME! (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: When will we have the 1.8 map?
A: Whenever CraftBukkit and our necessary plugins are updated. Plugins like Essentials, Logblock and CommandHelper.

Q: Will we be able to take our Rank?
A: Yes, yes you will.

Q: Will we be able to take our money?
A: No, all money will be left behind on the old map.

Q: Will we be able to take our Cards?
A: Only your collectable and staff cards will transfer across. All other cards will be removed.

Q: What about McMMO?
A: McMMO will be reset completely. To offset this for the first week of the new map gaining McMMO Skills will be doubled!

Q: Will we be able to take our Builds?
A: Some extraordinary builds can be transferred across BUT only if you apply for it HERE. Note: We will be removing all chests, diamond/iron/gold/emerald blocks from these builds.

Q: Someone said something about Helicopters in 1.8?

Q: Will there be a temp map while we wait?
A: We aren’t currently planning to have a temp map but this could change depending on how long it takes for plugins to be updated.

If you have anymore questions post them here or in the forums and we’ll answer them πŸ˜€

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    1. Collectable cards are given out for 1 time things. Some players who participated in the lead up to cards release got tokens which were redeemed for a these 1 time cards. We may also give out Collectable cards for those who’ve logged in for certain maps and other things.

    1. All builds on the temp map will remain on the temp map. Can’t have those filthy temp map builds infecting our brand new map now, can we? πŸ˜€

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