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Good Morning MCAU!
Just writing this to let everyone know where we are at at the moment.

We’re still running the Temporary map(Frontier Justice!) and we’re still doing what we can on it to make it fun and reduce griefing.
If you want the 1.7 server it’s still reachable at

We’ve currently got a Parkour Event above spawn (With the prize for completing it a small love heart that will follow you around)
We’ve also got some small Halloween stuff going on like Trick or Treat and a SpoOoOoOoky Potion (Candy :p) Vendor (BGR has plans to expand on this)
If you haven’t checked in in a while the temp map spawn has also had a makeover for an overall better and cleaner layout and villager shops.

In Searching for a 1.8 plugin capable server news we’ve been evaluating/looking into a couple of different things:
Spigot – MD_5 has plans to get a stable 1.8 Spigot out by the end of next month.
Sponge – It looks like the going is still slow here but they’ve been making progress. It seems like this’ll be the long term goal
Glowstone – Working for 1.8 but is not at an acceptable level for a Survival server (mobs, hunger, health, so on don’t work)
Granite – Working for 1.8 but uses a new API which is far from complete and has no plugins (Watched them talk for an hour the other day about not having the ability to write a plugin to teleport players)
Husk – Came out of no where and has released next to no information apart from “We have a working 1.8 server” but you can’t look at it.

There are also some plugins like Carbon that require the 1.8 protocol hack version of Spigot but in testing we’ve come across some areas where it is unreliable (ex: They had a bug where anyone could crash the server with a specific command a week or so ago) and at best is only a short term solution.

So as you can see we’ve still been busy while waiting for a new 1.8 plugin capable server. Whether it’s testing out different server software or in the temp map case writing / making our own hacked together things (Big thanks to Terrorbite, Robotoraccoon, Giestes and anyone I forgot) or getting our butts kicked with command blocks to setup things like the Vault, Parkour, Villager Shops, Welcome Messages, Coloured Names, Trick or Treat, so on and so on.

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