More than a few folks have been asking us about donations and what’s happening with them during the temporary map.

Well, since we haven’t been able to live up to our donator promises during the temporary map we’ll be giving all current donators and donators who’ve canceled during the temporary map a free month.

We’ve also been looking into purchasing a new server for MCAU to run on with the majority of the funding for that coming from players donations (We haven’t been using it to throw large parties where we eat endangered animals, promise).
This would allow us to run a couple of extra servers alongside the current MCAU you all know and love.

You’ll be seeing the first of these new servers with the release of our 1.7.2 map which’ll be a Hard mode Vanilla server.

Apart from that there is also some other top secret works going on behind the scenes that we’re not ready to announce yet but that we hope you’ll love 🙂

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    1. We’re waiting on a 1.7.2 release of bukkit and they unfortunately don’t give ETAs. As soon as we know anything we’ll update the website and the facebook page.

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