[ACE] Builder is a monthly build competition with all entries built and judged by players. Near the end of every month, 3 themes will be posted up on the notice board at /warp ace. Players then vote on these themes to decide next months building theme! At the start of the month the winning theme is announced and building can begin. You then have until the 30th to officially enter your build in at /warp ace.

That’s nice but what’s in it for me? One word:
ACE rank: You will get the [ACE] prefix
Golden Winners Pick: Includes classy text with the month you won it.
Your winning build will receive a /warp
Hidden prize!: Each month a hidden prize is selected. No one will know what it is until they win.


  1. No more than 3 players per build. Yes 3 means 3. Not 4. Not 5. Only 3.
  2. You may only enter once. That means, if you are part of a team, you can’t join another team and enter again.
  3. Players that start building before the start date are disqualified.
  4. There is no size limit. Build as big or as small as you desire.
  5. If you use alternative (extra) accounts to vote ALL your votes will be disqualified.
  6. Your build must be located in the survival world.


  • How to enter:
    Head to /warp ace, check out the area then type /entry, fill out the book and drop it in the entry chest.
  • How do I vote?
    Run the command /acebuild help for all the commands you need.
  • When does it start?
    Building starts around the 5th of every month, which is when the old winners are announced. No time is set in stone.
  • Do I get to keep my fancy [Ace] rank and warp?
    Unfortunately your rank resets at the end of the next acebuild.
  • What if I am branded already? (Griefer|Playerkiller|DullestStar)
    Your brand will overpower your [Ace] rank, sorry.

Previous Winners

June: Happytodd
Theme: Rollercoasters

July: Trowzers
Theme: Statues

August: 3nder33
Theme: Fountains

September: Glassworks, TridentShard and Confirmed_Kill
Theme: Medieval

October: Dave77734, Telf0rd + Turfrey
Theme: Haunted House

January: Definatalie
Theme: Transportation

February: Glassworks, Tridentshard
Theme: European

March: _Zandros
Theme: Fantasy

May/June: Ad0rkablelol, Skopica, MrDoctorB00mB00m
Theme: Landscape

February: Not enough entries
Singleplayer Minigames

September: JerichoDiamond, FarmboyJ
Pirates & Ships

October: JubatheHut, TrooperChooch
Robots & Statues

November:  KatieCat, VashtaNerada2
Treehouses & Forests

December: Creator
Holiday Festivities

January: TBA
 Movies & Shows

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