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  1. Anyway, when I was on the 1.7 server, I still was branded “Last Chance” then why did I get banned again on the 1.7 server? The permaban from last time is from the 1.6 server. So as I say, why am I banned on the “1.7” server? I didn’t grief say rude words or do anything wrong. I was banned again on the 1.7 server for the same reason as the 1.6 permaban. So, why am I banned on the 1.7 server? Can you please explain?

    1. As we explained in IRC to you the other day you’ve griefed twice on the 1.7 map. The first one you earnt a 7 day jail and the second was your permaban (600 blocks of griefing, you basically stripped some poor souls base of everything, quartz, clay, crops, beacon). This puts you at a total of 9 jails and 8 bans.
      So no, you weren’t “Banned again for the same reason as the 1.6 permaban” you were banned for two more counts of griefing on top of a previous maps permaban.

      The only reason you were even able to rejoin after this is due to us switching to a new ban manager plugin which temporarily allowed permabanned folks to rejoin.

      To top it off, after all this was explained to you on IRC (And you had refused to do the video as “ the singing thing is aimed for humiliating people.” you rejoined under the name “BGRisGay”.

      This should adequately explain everything.

    1. * RyanLee924 (6eaeba08@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip. has joined #mcau
      * BGRisgay (6eaeba08@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip. has joined #mcau

  2. Dear Who May Concern,

    You know this ‘singing video ban appeal’…..you’re the only server I know that requires players to SING and humiliate themselves in front of many players. You staff are grown ups just to remind you. It’s not, HEY ARE STAFF, LETS HUMILATE THESE KIDS. We are in Australia, not North Korea where people ACTUALLY get humilated.

    Oh and please be honest and answer this… what do you mostly enjoy about being staff because I doubt ‘helping other players’ will be honest. You know you enjoy banning people.

    Please change, once again,

    1. Dear Rylanlee924 (UnhappyPlayer, you’re using the same IP),
      We’re committed to ensuring that all our players have a great time on our server and if that means occasionally permanently removing players who are continually griefing then so be it.

      You’re not forced to do the unbanning video. It’s an option that we offer to permabanned players who are willing to show they’ve changed by doing something that is potentially embarrassing. It shows you truly have changed, so much so that you’re willing to do something slightly embarrassing to make amends for another chance. If it was as easy as jumping into IRC, putting on a fake smile and insincerely apologising for getting caught breaking the rules 17 times then everyone would do it.

      For your second question, what do Staff enjoy most about being Staff. I can’t speak for every staff member but I personally enjoy helping other players. Sure, sometimes they’re rude and insulting but the majority are nice folks just looking to play a game we all enjoy in a fun environment. I do also enjoy the occasional banning. Knowing that I’ve successfully removed a player who likes to destroy others hard work is a nice feeling.

      Now, down to business. You don’t have to worry about the unbanning video Ryanlee924 because after 17 ingame chances, 2 explanations about why you were banned and the stink you’ve tried to kick up after we gave you your options, the unbanning video is no longer an option for you. Furthermore, any additional comments you make on the website or forums will be removed.


    1. Sorry ggggrrrraaaannnn, but you were caught stealing the diamond block from a trap. We’ve got limited tools to track/deal with griefing so who’s to say you won’t do it again? and by stealing you’ve lowered the value of your word.

      You’ll be able to join MCAU again when we switch to our new 1.8 map (Or on the old 1.7 map if we can get it working alongside the 1.8)

  3. Hi I was recently temp banned for “Xraying” and I am unsure why because it seems like I was given a waring because a server official (I cant remember the name) said something like ‘Just so we’re clear for your first xray thingy you will receive a 40 day ban’ and that scared me to death so I imminently stopped then a few minutes later I decided to leave because it was getting late (like 12 or 1 o’clock) and this morning when I woke up I was temp banned. I was wondering why that was when I received what I thought was a warning.

    1. Howdy LynxyMC,
      I’d been watching you for almost 20mins before I made the “Just so we’re clear” message. And I only made it as I was sure 2 or the 3 folks mining we’re currently xraying. Another staff member confirmed my findings for you but if you’d like to see our evidence I’d be more than happy to post it.

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