So what is FNG?

  • FNG is known as Friday Night Games.
    This plugin will be enabled every Friday night on the Event server and it allows players to all be in the same games at the same time. FNG automatically cycles through minigames based off player votes, and bonus money is awarded at the end of every game on top of original payouts.

How do I join?

  • Run the command: /fng Join
    This will automatically add you to the queue to be in the next available game. Please note, you must be in the Event server for this command to work.

How can I vote for a map?

  • Run the command: /fng Vote
    This will display a list of maps which you can vote for.
  • Run the command: /fng Vote [Number]
    Please ensure [Number] is the number next to the minigame in the list you saw using the first command.

Can I quit?

  • Run the command: /fng quit
    You will also be removed from FNG if you simply disconnect, or go back to the Survival world.

What time does it start?

  • Generally at 7pm AEST (QLD time) every Friday.
    This may change, but it is normally this time.

How does the bonus money system work?

  • You get an extra amount of money based on how many games have been played.
    Or more simply, after game 1 everyone who has joined FNG will receive $1. After game 2 you will get $2. And so on. So over the course of the night, if you started in game 1 and played N number of games, you will receive N/2 * (N + 1) dollars.

I am still having problems.

  • Run the command: /fng help
    This will show you all the commands you can run.

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