You’ll see users with numbers in front of their names on the server. This is the sign of an ‘Epic Builder’. Someone who’s built something that’s impressed the mods with it’s style, skill, and beauty.

Higher numbers aren’t an easy thing to come by.

You* need to build something that’s awesome, and then do  /promotion when you’re standing in front of what you’ve built all by yourself. Someone will come and have a look at it, and if it wows them, they’ll call another couple of mods to check it out. If they all agree it’s great, you’ll be promoted.

You can always /warp standard to have a look at what we consider the ‘bare minimum’ to be promoted.   We’ll occasionally copy some amazing builds into the area around spawn.

*That's right, YOU need to build it yourself. Not someone else.
This includes copying video tutorials. That is not your own work.