People have asked about a way to have a permaban revoked. After discussing this with the other mods, and with an awesome suggestion from hugaraxia, we have come up with a way for you to ask to be unbanned.

You need to writesingrecord, and publish to YouTube (Or send to X-Rob), a cover version of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, but with the lyrics changed to explain why you should be allowed back on mcau.

The video is scored based on being in tune, relevance to why you were banned, comedy, and effort involved.  Bonus points are for being in costume (either as Judy Garland, or as a Minecraft Character).  The video WILL be posted to this website.

One video per banned account. If you have multiple accounts that are banned, you can submit a DIFFERENT video for the other accounts.

Oh, and if you’ve really annoyed us more than usual, this isn’t valid (eg, massively defaced the server, took advantage of a bug to harass other people, that sort of stuff).

We’re looking forward to seeing your videos!