If you wish to contact staff outside of the game, or just hang around in the IRC channel which is linked to MCAU, you can use this WebChat client. When joining the channel it is important to note that people are not constantly watching, so please write what you have to say and check back in a while without leaving IRC. If it is an urgent issue say the username of a channel operator to get their attention.

What’s the link to join again?

What’s the information I need to connect with my own IRC client?

  • Host: irc.freenode.net
  • Channels: #mcau, #mcau-chat

How do I join additional IRC channels?

  • Run the command: /join <channel-name>

How do I gain permission to speak in #mcau-chat or #mcau-vanilla?

  • You first need to register a nickname.
    This can be done with the information here.
  • After you have verified your email, send a message in #mcau asking for permanent voice in #mcau-chat or #mcau-vanilla.
  • Please note not everyone will get this, you need to have behaved on the server.

What is does it mean to “ping” someone?

  • When you say someone’s username correctly on IRC, they will be notified and drawn to what you have said. Of course this only works if the person is at their computer and not busy.

Please note: Staff do not generally check the comments here on this website. For this reason, comments on this page have been closed. If you prefer to leave a message instead of using IRC, please visit the MCAU Forums. For other contact options, see here.

25 thoughts on “IRC”

  1. i just found i have been banned i dont know what i did how it happened so if u can plz explain what happened thank you

    -Jordan Herbert (IceHolland)

    1. Two things have happened here:
      [2014-03-25 17:33:25] [Server thread/INFO]: IceHolland: I got xray mod lol
      [2014-03-26 14:43:50] [Server thread/INFO]: IceHolland: who wants there mine xrayed I work in pay for 1 diamond
      [2014-03-26 14:59:33] [Server thread/INFO]: CH: Running original command on player IceHolland —-> /msg Tpdz do u want me to xray ur mine for 2 diamonds

      We’ve moved over to a new ban system and we had the choice of manually rebanning 200 players or converting all bans for this map to permabans and then unbanning the 10 or so folks who were temp banned.

      So, I’ve removed the permaban from your account but the ban for continually offering to xray (Which you were told twice to knock off) will be staying.

  2. ive been banned from survival i was wondering does your /home commands get deleted because when im on the survival server again in a week so just let me know and also your locked chest and region delete aswell

  3. Hey, my on game MC name is MrLaG123. I just got on the server and I need to start the test, although when I click “Yes” to proceed onto the test it does nothing, I have seen other people try to do it and it doesn’t work for them either. My brother DrMad123 plays on MCAU but he can’t figure out why I cant click “Yes” either. I tried at 8:35PM.


    1. Howdy MrLaG123, lobby crashed today and when it was restored all the commands for the quiz signs were broken. It’s hopefully fixed now but if you have any more troubles with it either reply here or jump into IRC. Thanks for your patience.

  4. Hey BRG, can you please fix a permanent ban I have for importing all bukkit bans. I tried going on yesterday and it wouldn’t let me in the survival server. I am not sure if I have any other bans. THANKS

    1. Howdy Whirlwinds, you have 6 jails and 5 bans. Two of them permabans (1 for the previous map and 1 for the current map). If you really want to play you’ll have to do , as you’re all out of chances, sorry.

      1. Can u PLEASE unbann me. Whipe my inventory or destroy my house, I just want to be able to play.

        1. Sorry Whirlwinds but you had another chance when this map started (As you were permabanned on the old map) and you wasted it within a week by griefing and stealing again.

  5. BRG, I was banned tonight for x-ray when I don’t even have x-ray installed to my laptop. Can you please help because all I was doing was mining and finding ores. I swear that i wasn’t usin x-ray, I promise.

    1. Howdy Jacko3107, there were a few staff watching you mining tonight. You hit 3 diamond deposits within a couple of minutes, mining one to the other and you have a history of x-raying on the server in the past. Here’s a picture of the path you took to the 3 diamond deposits http://puu.sh/98Szw.jpg. It’s beyond lucky that you’d mine directly to 3 deposits like that.

  6. Hi there, I’ve been banned and now I can’t come back in the Survival world. There is a kind of possibility to show my excuses and have the possibility to come back?
    Thanks and sorry

    1. Howdy Vammetor, I’ve had a peak at your history and we’ve got you stealing diamond blocks from a house on the 1st of June at 2pm. As of this comment you have 12 hours left on your ban.

      Hope this helps.

  7. hi i have a problem too. now i know i griefed yes it was irresponsible but my friend was with me, i got banned twice as long as him and my other friend wasnt banned at all. i ask why are the punishments different for everyone also i didnt greif that much. all i am trying to say is that it isnt fair. WHY?

    1. You have a history of griefing on MCAU. You continue to do bad things so your punishments get worse. You’re now on your last chance, I’d suggest when you come back you don’t waste it.

      1. I have never greifed before I don’t understand it was my first time and why was I punished harsher

    1. And the answer is that you have a longer history of misbehaviour on MCAU. If you like (Since 2 of you are on last chance) we can give you both a new ban of the same length?

  8. i have been banned recently for no reason… I did fell for a trap in a police station or something, then I get into a jail then it tells me that i cant teleport in a jail even though I have not teleportred, then i went inside a tree then connection lost, then when i tried to get into the server it said: Banned. reason: Banned by an Operator…

    IGN: xXJared_p0gi16Xx

    1. Howdy xXJared_p0gi16xx, we’re currently running a temp map and on our temp maps we run something called “FRONTIER JUSTICE!”. FRONTIER JUSTICE! is in effect due to temp maps usually having little to no ways of catching griefers/thieves. What this means if we catch you stealing/griefing (or breaking any of the other rules) you’re permabanned for the life of the temp map.

      When we switch to our proper 1.8 map (We don’t know when that will be) you’re welcome to join us again.

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