We are running the block tracking plugin called LogBlock. LogBlock allows us to see which players destroyed, placed, and modified blocks anywhere in the server. This is what we use to find out who has broken the rule of “Don’t touch what is not yours”.

How can I view this information, too?

  • Run the command: /LogBlock ToolBlock
    Or /lb tb for short. This will then give you an item in your inventory. Left click to see who has modified the block you are hitting, or right click to see who has modified the space which placing a block would take up.

How do I report a grief of my build?

  • Run the command: /Modreq Message…
    Where [Message…] is what you want staff members to see. E.g, “Help, I have been griefed here”. Make sure you are standing where you have been griefed, allowing staff members to quickly resolve the issue.

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