If you’d like to be a Donor check out this page to see what you get in return.

The group any new user will be in. They have to agree to the rules in the newbie room on Survival before they can proceed on their journey and use commands.

[0]User    (5 regions and 2 homes)
[0]Donor (15 Regions and 7 homes)
Standard MCAU user

[1]User    (10 regions and 5 homes)
[1]Donor (20 regions and 10 homes)
Has proven that they can build to a standard

[2]User    (20 regions and 10 homes)
[2]Donor (30 regions and 15 homes)
Has surpassed building standards. Will require a lot of effort to achieve;

[3]User    (35 regions and 15 homes)
[3]Donor (45 regions and 20 homes)
We don’t expect to give this rank out much but to give you an idea of roughly what we expect Here is a build on a previous map

A rank for previous staff members who have resigned from their duties.

A player that is also a Chat Moderator and Helper. Not technically Staff.

MCAU Staff member.

MCAU Staff member with more ways to break the server.

19 thoughts on “Ranks”

    1. Basically it’s like this:

      Admins have access to stuff that, if used wrong, could break the server.

      Operators have access to things that, if used wrong, could break the server really hard.

      From a user’s point of view there’s no difference though which is why we are both [A]. Purple is cool though.

  1. how do you get [2]? i really want to know. also, what is special about a donator because all they can do is nickname themselves, make dwarps and be in god mode where they don’t die but that’s all i know about donators

    1. Rank [2] is achieved in much the same way as Rank [1] but with higher standards required for your build. We’ll be making /warp standard soon to hopefully clear up some confusion.

  2. How does one apply for mod if at all possible, unable to donate and am enjoying the server would be nice to give back

    1. We don’t take applications for janitor/staff, sorry. If you still want to give back you can do so by helping those in need of help ingame 🙂

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