Here is the list of rules that you are expected to abide by whilst playing on MCAU:

1. Don’t be a dick.
This includes: griefing, abuse, stealing, murdering, attempted murder, advertising other servers, homophobia, etc.

2. Don’t touch stuff that’s not yours.
Be it a farm, house, animal, or items a player has dropped, don’t touch it, or give it back immediately.

3. Respect the other players and the janitors/staff.
No bullying, name calling, or abuse towards other players. Staff will crack down hard on any abuse.

4. Hacking is not tolerated (flying, xray, speedhack, etc).
Many mods can give you an unfair edge on your fellow players. If in doubt, ask our staff before using a mod.

5. No stealing from other players or their chests.
Same as rule 1 and 2. Even ‘abandoned’ houses are not free game. Any block changed will count as griefing.

6. No whining, and no begging for items or admin status.
MCAU runs many modes, and most are Survival. You earn your own stuff. There are no handouts.

7. Don’t leave a tree half cut down.
Take all the wood when you cut down trees down. Leaves will fall on their own without wood.

8. No mob grinders.
This involves any spawner that uses water, removes mobs from the spawner area, forces them into a collection point, or automatically causes damage.

Other rules: (Not punishable without warnings)

9. Don’t be close to someone if you can avoid it.
People like to be able to expand their projects, and there is plenty of space elsewhere to build.

10. No AFK machines for levelling up mcMMO statistics.
This includes but is not limited to those AFK fishing contraptions to level your stats in fishing.