On MCAU we use the ChestShop plugin allowing standard users to create their own buy and sell shops.

We also have a custom script allowing the purchasing of teleports to said shops, but there is no video tutorial for this.

What rank must I be to create a shop?

  • At least a [1]

What is the command for the shop teleports script?

  • Run the command: /Shop
    This will display the available commands for the script. Navigate to other pages with /Shop Help [Page]

Can I view shop teleports?

  • Run the command: /Shop All OR /Shop List
    The first command displays shops in descending order of popularity. The second command displays random shops.

So how to I teleport to a shop?

  • Run the command: /Shop TP <number>


For Shop owners:

How do I purchase a shop?

  • Run the command: /Shop Buy <Number>
    Number is to be a whole number between 1 and 9999, and no one else can already own that number.

How do I add money to my shop’s balance?

  • Run the command: /Shop Edit <Number> Pay <Amount>
    Number is your shop number, and Amount is the amount of dollars you wish to deposit.

Can I add display what I sell?

  • Run the command: /Shop Edit <Number> Cat [Category]
    Number is your shop number, and Category is the the subsection you wish to apply to your shop, leave blank to view all possible categories.

Can I delete my shop?

  • Run the command: /Shop Remove <Number>
    This will permanently delete your shop, and no refunds are allotted for any money left in the account. If you accidentally purchased the shop, create a /modreq instead.


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