We run a plugin called StableMaster, and it’s purpose is to restrict who can use your horses.

So how do I claim a horse?

  • All you need to do is tame the horse like you would in vanilla.
    Of course, it cannot be tamed by someone else already. (Horses do not need to have names to be tamed).

How do I let someone else ride my horse?

  • Run the command: /sm addRider [playerName]
    You then left-click the horse/donkey. You will see a confirmation message in chat stating you have added a person as an additional rider.

How do I rename to my horse?

  • Run the command: /sm rename [horseName]
    This is a donor only feature, and accepts colour codes. e.g. &c for red. Alternatively you can use a name-tag like you would in vanilla.

How do I summon my horse?

  • Run the command: /sm teleport
    Then punch the horse, teleport to where you want to go, and run the command again.

Are there more commands?

  • Run the command: /sm help