You may have come here to ask why you were banned. 99% of the time, it’s because you broke rule 1, or rule 2. They’re on the board right in front of you at /spawn. They’re there when you type /rules. We don’t hide them. (Rule 1: Don’t be a dick. Rule 2: Don’t mess with other people’s stuff).

So, if you’re asking why, it’s probably because of that. If it was minor, or we think it was accidental, then you’ll see that your ban message says ‘Temporarily banned for (a period of time)’. When that period of time is up, you can get back in.

If it was a lot of griefing, then don’t bother coming back. We’re not interested in having someone around who vandalises other peoples work. Go join a PVP server. That’s what they’re for.

If you’re 100% certain that you NEVER touched another persons stuff, then feel free to get on IRC (using the link over to the right on the front page) and ask why you were banned.

Note: Comments here will be deleted. Talk to us on IRC to ask questions.

Want a way to remove your permaban?

11 thoughts on “Why were you banned?”

  1. i am permit baned i throught it was a pvp map and greifed please unbaned me (sheldon_5678)

    1. I’ll be deleting all further comments (from everyone) from here on. If you can’t read what it says above, then what makes me think you’ll read the rules?

    1. Howdy Maxshaw1403. You and JManChaps were seemingly trying to kill Log_05, trying to entice him to teleport to you both with the lure of 64 diamonds while standing right on the edge of a long drop. That’s a little hard to prove tho so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say it was a misunderstanding and a poor place to accept Log_05s teleport request.

      Now lets move onto the things we can prove.
      1) Killing furyofminings cows
      2) Swearing at folks and dodging the filter
      3) Griefing 9314265068s mushroom biome (That he crafted by hand and you clearly knew as such as you destroyed the sign stating that).
      4) Griefing wawasjohns house.
      5) Stealing all the crops from TheXboxKings farm

      Four of these points happened after you were permabanned. 1) Happened while you were on last chance due to a previous player killing ban. You should’ve been permabanned then but out of the kindness of his heart IllegalD let you continue on.

      I’ve gotten a little carried away here but my point is, even if you didn’t kill Log_05 (Which I’m sure isn’t from a lack of trying) you’ve more than earnt your permaban from the server.

      You’re only hope now is to complete but it’s not a guarentee that you’ll be allowed back.


  2. BGR please let me join survival. I can join the sever but not survival. so please I can not find any severs like mcau i am begging you my dad will not let me get a youtube account please joinj me

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    1. Sorry Maxshaw1403 but the permaban for survival is going to stay.

      Another 2 griefs have been found by you, if you enjoyed the server so much you had a terrible way of showing it.

      1. please i am begging you and the sever. I have changed a lot and all of my friends are on there. the reason i griefed is because i wish i could build like them. please join me i have changed.

        1. It’s hard to believe you’ve changed in the period of a couple of days when you were branded [Last Chance] for a month and we’re still cleaning up your griefs. Sorry Maxshaw1403, but we won’t be overturning this ban.

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