Donors get most of the powers of mods, without the hassle of actually having to actually be a mod (which is not much fun at all – just try asking one!)

Already know what you’re doing? Scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your username and click on the ‘Subscribe’ button. Paypal will sort out the rest! However, please be warned: Donating does not stop you from being banned. If you’re already banned, we’ll happily say thank you for the donation, but you won’t be unbanned. If you break a rule while you’re a donor, you’ll be banned. You will not get a refund, or have your ban length shortened. Please keep in mind that you are not buying anything – you are just donating. 

I should warn you – if getting banned is something that worries you, we probably don’t want you on the server anyway. There’s plenty of PVP servers where you can go and annoy people.  We do our best to make sure EVERYONE has fun on mcau. Not just people who enjoy annoying other people.

Anyway, after that – here’s what you get as a Donor:

  • The Honeybadger
    You can visit the Honeybadger’s lair and he will give you a random amount of experience once a day. This lets you enchant tools and weapons. Don’t know where it lives? /warp HoneyBadger
  • More Homes and Regions
    You can have more homes and regions. Check for more info on homes.
  • Your own Chat Channel
    To join it you do /ch d
    To leave Global chat you do /ch leave g
    And of course you can leave d and join g.
    You can also use colour formatting in /msg
  • Compass Teleporting
    Hold a compass, click on something a long way away, and you’ll be teleported there!
  • /dtools
    Once every week you get, for free, 1 Diamond Pickaxe, 1 Diamond Axe, and 1 Diamond Shovel.  You also get 10 free eggs. These are purely there as a thank-you gift. You can use them to throw at other players – or to spawn chickens, or make cake. Whatever you want.
  • /god
    Yep. No damage taken whilst you have hunger points. You can turn this on and off, but make sure to carry food!
  • /al help
    Add light sources wherever you like! It costs 4 glowstone dust to create a light source. Run /al on, then left click the blocks you wish to illuminate whilst holding the dust. Right-click to remove the light. Run /al off when you’re done
  • /tpahere
    This is just like /tpa. However, it asks the person to teleport to you instead.
  • /tptoggle
    This automatically denies people’s requests that are trying to teleport to you. If you’re working away on something secret, and you don’t want to be disturbed with people /tpa’ing you, you can turn this on to block their requests.
  • /nick
    Lets you change your name! use /nick off to turn it off.
  • /hat
    Lets you put a block on your head. You have to be holding it though!
  • /dwarp
    Lets you set your own personal warp, which you can access via /dwarp tp <username>
  • /danimals
    Try it out to see the cool effects you can apply to some creatures!
  • /colourtag
    Changes the colour of your name above your head and in the tab list (Note: This doesn’t change the colour of your name in chat!)
  • /pp <list | effect>
    Produces particles around your player!
  • /glow
    Make yourself glow! (This is a toggle, run it again to turn it off) Uses the colour set by /colourtag

That’s what you get as a bonus in-game. You also get a nice Green [#] rank next to your name, and your name in also in Green. Nifty!  Of course the important question is – how much does it cost?


If you donate a fixed amount, I’ll simply apply donor status to your account until then. Even if you don’t want it!  If you set up a subscription, your $5 comes automatically, and you get to keep your green name forever.

There are other donation ranks. They don’t GET you anything, but if you’re feeling unusually generous, feel free to select them. We don’t mind!

Click here to become a donator!

97 thoughts on “Donate”

    1. My best friend hybrid is right MCAU best admins best mods in alll of minecraft if u join and become a Donator do NOT be rude and our No. 1 rule is Don’t be a dick. Literally.

    2. Wow, instead may I just pay someone a close to $100 steam game? I’m fine with that I just don’t have a card 😛

  1. What if u only want to donate 1 time, and just be a donator for a month? :\ im still happy to be a donator, but i will only want to be one for about 4 months in total (not all in 1 hit) Because im not the type of person who has spare money!

    1. I’ll be putting back the single ‘donate’ button on the website when I get some time, but it’s SO MUCH easier for me to manage with the subscriptions, that’s all.

        1. Yeap, you can either choose to donate $10 and then cancel the subscription (not the payment) or donate $5 and let it go for a month and a couple days and then cancel the subscription.

  2. Hey, I donated using paypal and I had the payment on auto transact every month. It worked for months but now when I came on I don’t have my [D] status or privileges!

    Jack Whitham

    1. If you have any questions about your D status, best idea is to use the ‘Talk to Us on IRC’ link on the main page. See you there 8)

      Edit: You joined. Said ‘Hello?’, sat there for a few minutes, and then left..

      1. who the hell uses irc any more? just getting connected to that is a hassle for people who are under the age of 30 and never used such things. “my doner rank isnt working” “go on irc and talk to us about it” . this is one server i will never be donating too. good luck.

        1. To get on IRC from the MCAU site (This one) it’s 3 clicks and however many characters you want to type in for a name. That’s it.

  3. Hi im masterkalso im a donator and i was temp banned today (God knows why)
    and i want to know if my paid month of a donator will get paid? coz iv got it recourent. and i want to keep MY money.
    i also want to know why i was banned.
    i didnt touch anyones stuff. i didnt grief. i didnt xray i didnt swear. i didnt breake any rule. did everyone get banned??

    i have posted this on the “Why was i banned page”
    And i love mcau SO MUCH!

      1. Go into paypal, click ‘cancel’ on the subscription. Easy. If you can’t figure it out, you’ll have to use the ‘Talk to us on IRC’ link, identify yourself sufficiently, and I can cancel the subscription too.

  4. Why are you constenly banning me.
    its always 1 month and 9 days.
    it hasnt changed ONCE!
    Can you please stop banning me.
    and iv been donating and i want to know if i get the status back when im unbanned?
    iv been using my birthday money and you banned me for somthing i didnt even do.
    if i stay banned and i cant stop the donatations (Like i cant)
    This server is a waste of money, time and players

    and i have posted this on the ”Why was i banned thread”

    1. You have 1 ban on record. You were given a 40 day ban by Bride for using X-Ray cheats. Yes, you will still have your donator status when you are unbanned. No, being a donator does not make you immune to being banned.

      Your ban has 23 days remaining (the server is stupid and will always say “1 monthy 9 days” until the ban expires).

  5. It’s not all sunshine and hippy songs: my diamond axes are given at about 50% durability. I would IRC/modreq/forum it, except I think it’s really cool idea, even if it is unintentional. It’d be good for all the free diamond tools to be given at 55-60%; needing two to repair into a full durability pick/axe/shovel means you don’t have Ds selling enchanted stuff every day and exploiting the regular users (Not that many do; we’re a good crew and we roll ethically, yo), or even just having chests full of shovels and axes. To make up for it, you could include maybe a piece of leather and a piece of wool.
    (Also tou could include in /dtools a custom map that explains how wonderful Juju is, and the good thing about that is that you can update it every day with a new factoid about Juju. Map_01: Juju once helped a kid push his bike up a hill. Map_02: Juju can eat the hottest of chilis, but chooses not to. Map_03: If Juju says something stupid in chat, it’s probably not stupid at all: Juju is either lulling you into a false sense of security or just being a prick. Map_04: Juju has enjoyed the few Chicken McNuggets he has eaten… Anyway you get the idea. The first half of this post was the smart bit, concentrate on that.)

  6. I have tried to donate but I have failed 3 times. When I checked my paypal account I had realised that $3 has been taken from my account when I just installed $50 in my account. I demand a refund or something that is acceptable for the $3 missing from my account.

    1. Sorry, it didn’t come to me. I’d be speaking to paypal. You can see who it went to on the main page.

      If you REALLY REALLY think it went to me, then click ‘request refund’ on the transaction. If I see it, I’ll refund it.

      But, honestly, it didn’t come here.

      1. Paypal will charge $1 transaction fee whether it fails or not.
        If you tried 3 times that would be your missing $3.

  7. Just wondering and I’m not asking for admin or anything so no rules Brocken here but just out of curiosity if I pay $2000 in subscriptions through PayPal is there any chance of admin and again I’m not asking to be admin because I couldn’t afford $2000 just for admin.

  8. I am so happy!! I just got [D] !!! YAY!! xD i <3 MCAU it's sooooo fun!! and this is just a part of it!!!!! xD !!!!! [D] For Life!

  9. I have been donating to this server for a long time now,
    and the reason I do this is because it is worth it.
    and not just the perks and such but because this server is great, the Staff are amazing and most of the players as well.
    And I think I shall continue donating for a while come.

  10. This is the only place I can find sn Australian server site. I’m going to donate soon. I really need a server me and my friends can go on!

    1. It is possible to donate for just one month. You can subscribe, let one payment go through, and then unsubscribe. That first payment will still have gone through, and no more should follow.

  11. I donated after only a few days on the server.

    The community is really friendly, the staff are helpful and the server is, overall, really organised and addictive! The bonuses from donating are also extremely useful, the compass teleportation being especially fun to play around with. 😛

    Donating is completely worth it. I urge anyone who enjoys spending time on mcau to donate (carpe diem!), whether it be for the perks or to simply help the administrators out for providing such a nice experience.

  12. Hi i am donator but need to change my account (Paypal) from my parents to my own is it possible that u can stop my donation or do i have to do it at my parents house thx it would save me the hassle and awkward conversation if u can

  13. Just a quick question…I donated before I actually became a member of this side (even tho’ I am on the server already), should I cancel the current payment and start another donation? There was only a discrepancy of about 2-3 hours between my donation and the joining of this site.

    1. To cancel your subscription, log in to your PayPal account, go to your Profile and click My Money. The subscription will be in My Pre-approved Payments.

  14. I want to know would $60 be a whole year to pay it so you dont have to pay it each month? im not a donator but i want to know

  15. May I ask, could I get my donator rank swapped onto my changed username instead of my old one? (Or should I modreq this ingame?)

    1. Hello there,

      Did you manage to successfully donate? If nothing went through, try again and let us know how it goes.

      I’ll try following up on this end to see if anything went through for you.

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