MCAU 1.20

Huzzah, Welcome to another Minecraft update, and another new Map.

Ranks have been reset, and as suggested the difficulty has been increased to hard, and TNT has been enabled… Big badda boom. 😀

We also plan to try bring back Friday night games, and as usual the old map will be migrated to /event in a read-only state for future viewing. Coordinates of old homes/warps can be located on the Wiki.

Happy mining and or crafting!

MCAU 1.17

Hey Miners and/or Crafters,
As of 11/07/2021, the MCAU server has been upgraded to version 1.17 with the addition of the new caves from the upcoming 1.18 update! Accompanying the update, a new map was released with resets to player mcmmo skills and the in-game economy.

Since the release of the new map, the server has seen many new and old faces return to the server. So why not jump on and join us!

Please note that another world reset is planned for late 2021 upon the release of Minecraft 1.18.

10 years of MCAU

It was 10 years ago today that MCAU began, as it was also 10 years ago that SMP got released!

Sure, numbers are much lower than what they were in the first 4 years but that’s to be expected. I’m just surprised we still have anyone come around!

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