Donations are back!

After some head scratching and discussions, we’ve re-opened donations!  I’ve been trying to not take your money without a good reason as to why I’m taking it, and apart from the 30-odd-hours I spent writing all the new backend stuff for Donations, we’ve also got a brand new cluster of servers.

Yes, I’ve been spending your money on Minecraft. I know you expect me to blow it all on Blackjack and Hookers, but it turns out, computers are EXPENSIVE.

Admittedly, we now do own a massively large amount of computing power.  About 200 CPU cores, and 700GB of RAM, spread out over 25 HP Blades.  This is all good, but this has now exposed my next issue – we don’t have enough fast storage!

So my next purchase is going to be 18 500G-ish SSDs, and 3 servers to put them in, to act as our new Swift storage cluster.  Oh, did I mention we’re also now running on OpenStack?

Yeah, we’re nerding it all up here.  Anyway. Enjoy! And feel free to hit that Donations link up there and throw a few dollars our way 😎


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