So what is postal?

  • Postal is a different system from mail, you can send items.
    Once registered you are able to send items to players without teleporting to them.
    You can even send items to a registered player when they are offline!
  • You cannot take items from other another players inbox.
    All sent items are marked with ‘#>‘ on them.
  • It seems to be a bit glitchy, and I can’t drag items around.
    The glitches you are seeing is to prevent players from cheating the system.
    Stopping you from dragging is to prevent inbox spamming.

How can I send items to other players?

  • Run the command: /post [playername]
    Put in the players name of who you want to send items to.
    The player has to be registered for a postal service first.

So I received new items, how do I view them?

  • Run the command: /inbox
    If you have items in your inbox, you will see a screen similar to viewing a chest.
    You cannot put items inside your own inbox.

Can I buy more inbox slots?

  • Run the command: /inbox upgrade
    You can buy another 9 slots, but this will come at a price of XP levels.
    You can have a maximum of 54 slots.

I am still having problems.

  • Run the command: /postal help
    This will show you all the commands you can run.

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