Thanks very much for donating!

We truly appreciate you donating to MCAU. Your financial support helps us keep up with our ongoing expenses, and does occasionally let us buy some new hardware, too, so we can make MCAU bigger and better.

You’ll be happy to know that Donations are now processed automatically! When you clicked ‘Accept’ on the Paypal page, your Subscription started to wend its way through the innards of Paypal, and hopefully has already made its way to MCAU, upgrading your account instantly.

Of course, this being computers, there may be a glitch. If you can see your payment status as ‘Complete’ in Paypal, but your account hasn’t been upgraded, please jump onto IRC and ask for help there.

If you are having problems with your Subscription, we need either the Subscription ID (which starts with an I and then a minus), or any Transaction ID.  If you don’t have a Subscription ID or a Transaction ID, then you didn’t donate. They were both in the Emails and SMSes (if you have SMS alerts turned on) you received from Paypal, and they’re also visible on your Paypal page – just click on any of the transactions related to MCAU or Rob Thomas.

We can not help you without them, as they also serve to identify you as the person who actually donated.


15 thoughts on “Thanks for donating!”

  1. Rob is totally right, donator is basiclly like mod but without having fly and creative but that spoils the game for most people anyway

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