1.8 Map, do you want it?

A poll has recently been started on the survival server about whether or not there should be a new map for the 1.8 Minecraft release. Here is a post outlining important information and how to vote on this poll.

How to vote

  • Run the command: /Poll Vote newmap
    This will display a list of options which you can vote for.
  • Run the command: /Poll Vote newmap [Number]
    Please ensure [Number] is the number next to the item in the list you saw using the first command.

Points to remember

  • There is currently no release date for 1.8
    As per usual.
  • The current map has been up since the start of December 2013
    Wow, 8 months!
  • There may be a possibility for builds to be copied across to a new map
    This will only occur if the build is of a very high quality (Slightly higher than D+) and you fill out this form correctly.
  • Old maps are still visible from within the server.
    They are however in read-only mode.


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