MCAU under attack

It has come to our attention that MCAU’s website has been defaced and someone is threatening to launch a giant nuclear bomb at spawn. We are currently trying to determine who “7th Star” are, and we believe they are impersonating (or worse, ARE) one of our staff.

MCAU does not negotiate with terrorists, and we are working hard to hunt down the location of the individual’s base and defuse the bomb before it is too late. We are currently using our satellite technology to search the map for clues, but because the map is so large, we need your help! You can access the satellite scans and hopefully help us find clues or even the bomb itself.

We are also working to restore our website to its former glory, however the attacker has encrypted the site and locked us out – all we can do is make posts. We are of course working to crack the encryption as fast as we can, but this may take hours or even days.

Our forums are still secure, so we urge anyone with information to post there and let us know.

– MCAU Administration

11 thoughts on “MCAU under attack

  1. Admiral, our technicians have been scanning but have not yet found the launch site. It must be camouflaged. We have however found a testing blast site for a small device

    The blast was so powerful, the sand on the bottom of the ocean melted, and formed a giant bubble. A more volatile substance could start a chain reaction, and take out the world as we know it!

    Keep working troops. Scan the satellite maps. You may be our only hope.

  2. I would say it would be ninja. Twice he has threatened to destroy 2 peoples houses if they and anyone around dont work for him. He then also trys to use us as an army to kill synth. Its not nice and it puts me off mcau a little.

  3. How’s it going on guys! Lil_Wayne/Sharpey46 here…
    People like me and my friend IRL known as matthew020801 somehow support Ninja’s attack.
    I was offered to do a kitchen music video thing to be unbanned but I am not going to do it, since there is a nuke coming AAAND I’m not gonna embarrass myself. 😉

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