We need to make MCAU fun again.

It seems to have been less fun since the 1.8 update. So. What do you guys suggest we can do to make MCAU fun again?

Suggestions I’ve heard:

  • Role Playing Minecraft (eg, you can become a character in a minecraft world)
  • Totally separate server for Creative, rather than just a different world
  • Change some rules (allow eggs? I really don’t want to do that..)
  • Different plugins
  • I don’t know?

Post. Comment. Suggest!

52 thoughts on “We need to make MCAU fun again.”

  1. I’m just looking forward to playing on the new server to be honest. Its exciting and fun to start from scratch, especially because everyone will be at the same level for a while (except admins with their godly powers). You don’t need to change much but I think finding some cool plugins would be awesome, but have no ideas for one you could use 😛

  2. Are PvP arenas possible? That would let people blow off some steam. Or dungeons that can be reset once they’re completed, like in the Catacombs plugin? Might chew up RAM on a large server though, and might require extra work from mods/admins, plus dedicated spaces. The occasional zombie (or whatever) outbreak? Though, yeah, that would piss off new players. I dunno, just throwing ideas against the wall.

  3. Hm, maybe the Legit Creatures plugin if you allow eggs? it allows players to craft spawn eggs.
    Also maybe a capture the flag world, pvp world ad a hunger games world?

  4. I always wondered how mcau would function with no economy, where people traded resources for other resources, similar to what villagers will do ( the new emerald is a sort of simple currency). People make farms that cash in on a single item and buy whatever, which requires little to keep going once its set up, and leads to them just buying what they need, not earning it.

  5. Well i think that the server is the same old server and that it is great the way it is and that nothing needs to be changed

  6. Perhaps more challenges. And contests. And parkour around the spawn. And I concur with the survival. Perhaps ramp up the difficulty to Hard. Then only after you live long and prosper you can start doing not-so-important stuff. I also think that we either need to ease or tighten the server rules. Where we are right now is a limbo where common crimes lead to minor punishments, not actually teaching the convicts a lesson.

  7. A PvP arena would be good but only if it is balanced. You don’t want a [D] walking in with full enchanted armour and weapons. Another gametype that may be interesting is King of the ladders as shown on the Mindcrack video’s.

    Survival is exactly that so if it is not already on the hard setting crank it up to that. The challenge isn’t really there at the moment so people get bored very quickly.

    Just a few suggestions hope they help.

  8. The Reason that this server isnt fun anymore from my point of view, is because its not survival.
    The first 1-2 hours are survival until you have a house and you learn the server rules.
    Its pretty much a /warp fest.
    Need to go somewhere /warp
    In trouble /home
    To add to this, The Economy is broken which makes trading land etc not fun. An Above poster mentioned a trade system. For a survival server this would work ALOT better. Either get rid of admin shops or Limit what they sell/trade to maybe 5 different items. This will force players to either trade with each other or actually find what they need.
    There also needs to be a system that rewards what players do. At the moment it feels like you build your first house then get promoted to builder status. Then Nothing unless you donate. There needs to be something past Builder status that can be achieved. This would add more of a goal to the game and encourage creativity.
    So these are my suggestions.
    1 – Remove 90% of warps. Have warps to MAIN areas.
    – Or Make it so you cannot warp when in combat/shortly left combat and limit warps to 1 an hour.
    2- Cannot /home when in combat or shortly left combat / taking dmg (Fire,lava,breath, etc)
    3- Have a player based Trading system, Get rid of admin shops in order to force social interaction and resource trading between players.
    4- Increase Monster difficulty this can either be done through increasing health/dmg and/or increasing spawn rate.
    5- Make a promotion system where you have extra ranks each granting benefits.
    – – Your current system
    – New player gets /tools command to get them basic started tools.
    – They build house and get Builder status allowing them to claim area etc.
    – Then Nothing.

    You Need a system that allows promotion something like this.
    – New players get /tools
    -Build a house Get Builder status, this allows you to protect a small area something like 25×25
    – Develop land for either farming and/or a village, Get Landscaper status Gives access to Iron tools by using /land command ( or whaterver) and increase claim area
    – Build a Big Castle or wall around your area. Get promoted to Architect, Allowed to claim more area and gain access to spawn 5 Villagers.
    – Build the Eiffel Tower. Get promoted to Master Architect, Gain access to Diamond tools and get a daily income bonus of x amount.

    Etc Etc. This system will give new and old players something to strive for. Donators will still get there benefits however they will not receive the benefits of the ranks without obtaining them.

    These are my suggestions. I know alot of this will be hard/impossible to implement but ideas are ideas.
    To summarize the reason the server is getting boring is because its not survival with all the /warps and admin shops. There is nothing to Strive to achieve once you have builder status.
    The server has become creative without block spawn which is boring.

      1. Thanks. I have Alot of other ideas. just send me an email or something and I could go into more detail.

        You have the best admins and ticket system out of any server I have seen. The server itself is also Extremely stable.
        Just the gameplay side of things gets tiresome and repetitive after a while. Like there are only so many things you can build. Without PVP you need to implement systems to allow player progression within the community. Even Simple Once a week or Once a month building Contest Will improve things.
        This would be very easy to organize and require minimum work from admins.

        However I believe that to implement some of these ideas/systems you would have to start with a fresh map.
        I am a Donator and would be happy to help with this.
        So as I said just email me. Im pretty much on computers 24/7 so I should be able to reply fairly quickly.

        1. Dude, great ideas! I couldn’t say anything that you have said would be bad. But probably more frequent warps as there will be a LOT of places/houses. This would mean that you would warp to say, playershops. Then if ur house is on the other side of the map, you have to either tpa, wait 1 hour or walk.

          Honestly, you deserve to be a moderator with the effort you have gone to to help Rob and the other admins and giving them ideas. Who am I to make you moderator? Nobody. Im just staggered at your effort. Well done bro.

      2. Don’t get rid of Donator god mode and compass though, that’s pretty much the whole reason I donate.

    1. I’d be 100% behind all these suggestions, in fact I have suggested something similar before so I really hope this gains traction this time around. The admin shops are good for basics but they way they evolved really destroyed the economy. Still uber busy with work/moving/projects but may be back before 1.3 comes out.

    2. totally agree with 1 and 2. Way too many warps means you never do any dying or journeying or planning your inventory carefully.

      also agree with 3. Admin shops should only be there for the things that cannot be found in game (like those fancy stone blocks) or other essentials that are hard to come by (like sticky pistons). I’ve seen admin shops that buy pumpkins from a player for $10 each, which is probably why the economy is so bad (my pumpkin farm earned 30k in about an hour!!!).

  9. Oh wow, a new and dynamic promotion system would definitely generate a new aspect to the server. Pretty much every suggestion of paule should be implemented encouraging progression rather than hoarding.

  10. Hi, I’m just new but here’s a couple ideas:
    – instead of all the warps, you could have short admin-led tours at certain times (/warp tour). And you can apply to have your town/structure included in the next tour
    – building competitions (individual or teams with at least one player of each level)
    – some communal building projects – eg. like the Bear station
    – yes to more levels. Getting rewards for your efforts (which could be for building, inventiveness, collecting resources or helping others maybe)

    Personally I find meeting new people you can share things with and be inspired by is fun. Plus some level of challenge.


    You know with the Money system. [Buy] [Sell] [Trade]
    Thats what made me love the server then……. 🙁 New plugins and shit mining was pointless for me now but back then all i did was mined! I lived in a mine house!

    So please…… ESSENTIALS!

  12. I think donators should get less power because now they can easily build anything so there is a lower survival aspect. Also a special map gen would be nice for example someone could code one so that there are special dungeon that are tougher but have enhanced loot. Mobs should be tougher.

  13. I might just be saying what others have said, but I would like it if we went back to how it was in 1.7, where:

    -There was no currency, we traded items for other items (20 Wood for 3 iron, for example)

    -There werent warps all over the place, only very important/otherwise often visited areas (Spawn, Spleef, museum, newbies, etc.)

    -Spawn wasnt insanely huge (although I could see why it was made bigger, to give admins a place to build I guess)

    -Not have shops. Instead, people had to work to find their minerals and such, or had to trade things they already had for diamonds.

    -Have a weekly event (This was in 1.8 for a while, which was a load of fun)
    -Although I’m a donator, we could mabye not have the dtools option, so donators dont always get heaps of diamond gear every day, so they too have to work for their gear. They could be given iron tools instead mabye? Just an idea.

    As for stuff that wasnt in 1.7:

    – Have a pvp arena where we would hold tournaments.

    -Have a form of pit of 100 trials for the server. This was in the Paper Mario games, where as you entered a new floor, there would be a set few enemies waiting for you. You could only continue if you had defeated them all, and once every 10 levels you would get a small reward and a chance to leave with the prize, or continue and risk losing everything you brought in. The last floor would have something insanely hard to beat, like xrobau equiped with diamond gear or the enderdragon.

    Just some ideas 🙂

  14. Some of my suggestions are the same as other peoples but anyway:
    PvP (whole world not arena)
    The 1.0 mob arena back
    More donating costs ($5 normal donator, $10 VIP,$20 SuperDonator,$30 Awesomeperson, etc etc all the way to $150 for mod or $300 for admin.
    Normal users:15 regions, donators:20 or 25 regions
    Actual tornaments(spleef, mobarena, pvp)
    MAYBE voting for diamonds
    Official MCAU plots/land near spawn
    Instead of honeybadger, /enchant every 4 days
    different servers(pvp server, creative server etc)
    A plugin that has jobs for money like /browse jobs

    These are my suggestions I had way more but forgot half.

    1. 1. More donations? Okay idea, I guess. But I disagree with the buying mod/admin. Mods/admins are chosen for merit, not payment.
      2. 15 regions for a NORMAL user would be too much. That would make it far too easy to grief and lower demand for donatorship.
      3. Honeybadger is fine the way it is.
      4. MCAU sometimes has tournaments.
      5. MCAU has a creative server. I call it the Donator-Verse

  15. I think whatever is done, it should be VERY tough and a much more balanced playing field across all players. Even mods/admin (who are building ie playing) should be in the same bracket.

    It does not matter if its difficult, players will always find a way to overcome difficulties.

    My 2c

  16. You call this an economy server right?
    Possibly some kind of rank up system that you pay ingame money to rank up
    Because after all what do all fun/successful games have?
    A leveling system.
    Meaning players would have a goal to aim for to get the highest rank.

  17. Levelling shouldn’t be based on money and I didn’t think we were an economy server, rather a survival/build server.

  18. In my opinion, a survival server focusing on survival and the aspect of the actual game rather than some status play would be vastly superior than some regulated playground. I’m not a big pvp player, but I like using mods that add onto some basic features of Minecraft or add new features in keeping with the vanilla feel. Progression should be entirely in terms of the actual game rather than giving you new commands and shortcuts.

    Redpower Wiring and Logic add the wire and microblocks; pretty sure that has SMP support. This makes redstone much easier to manage. The other logic chips also help. Project tables are useful. It’s not a huge huge change but it saves a lot of time or effort.
    Advanced Movement has SMP support as well, last I checked. Being able to climb and jump higher makes getting around the world much easier without having to cart a stack of dirt everywhere. Side effect: Castle walls need to be taller or curved outwards to make them harder to climb.
    I’d also love to see a world protection mod that doesn’t claim the entire world from top to bottom; it’s nice being able to mine far beneath someone elses’ creation without suddenly hitting a wall. If anything it’d be nice if it were more organic – any ‘manmade’ block, like bricks, cobblestone, wood planks and logs etc. are protected when placed. Want to stop someone getting into your place? Make sure it’s enclosed. Obviously levers, doors etc are still able to be interacted with. Chests as well if they’re left in the open. Essentially, players should be able to interact with other players in whatever way – be it trading or theft, a duel or murder, but fortifying your home shouldn’t be impossible. Your safe haven should actually be safe, as long as you make it so. But who cares if you lose some pixels? Starting over is more fun than hoarding them, even to a builder like me.

  19. Is there a theme park already?

    If not there should be one! with mini games and stuff. Where you can verse others, and win prizes if you’re really lucky. I have a few good ideas for mini games, but not enough for an entire park. If anyone has some good ideas for mini games let me know, i’d love help starting up a theme park!

  20. Maybe we could have pig races? Give each person a pig, a saddle and a fishing rod, and the first person to ride the pig down a track could win a prize. (The fishing rod, when cast on a pig, would cause it to run like it was attack but it deals no damage)

  21. From what i have seen in the comments and also from the buildings on the server, there a 2 very distinct types of miners, there are those that like to have godmode and those that like to work for what they build.
    In this respect, it would be nice to see 2 maps. one where donators get all their privileges (as per the current map) and one where no one gets any privileges (a literal survival server)
    they could be mirror worlds, the spawn being the same in both worlds, but fliped in one

  22. What about a half creative half survival world? [not in main world]
    Also what about a [A] [M] [D] world, where admins moderators and donators can just hang out?

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