10 years of MCAU

It was 10 years ago today that MCAU began, as it was also 10 years ago that SMP got released!

Sure, numbers are much lower than what they were in the first 4 years but that’s to be expected. I’m just surprised we still have anyone come around!

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MCAU 1.13 (21/09)

Hey gang, so we’re almost ready to release the new 1.13 map!
This Friday around 7pm AEST we’ll open the doors and you can jump on in! Not every plugin is updated yet, but we have everything we need to launch, missing plugins will come later.
Things that have changed include:
– increased region sizes
– ranks reset
– new /glow command for donors

Hope to see you all there 🙂

Goodbye 1.10, Hello 1.11!

UPDATE 2: 1.11.2 is LIVE! Connect using minecraft version 1.11.2!


UPDATE: Sorry guys, we ran into a problem and need to postpone the update. Stay Tuned!


We are saying goodbye to our long loved current map, and saying hello to a whole new spawn, seed and some features new to MCAU.
Join us for some pre-change fun in the old map as we count down to the swap this Friday (20/01/17) at 5 pm AEDT!

If everything goes to plan, the new map should be open to all not long after 7 pm AEDT.

1.10, The Nether and MCMMO

We are now running 1.10 and the nether has been regenerated and is open for business.Any old homes or regions you had  in the nether have been removed too.

To celebrate, we’ve given you all a 25% xp boost to all MCMMO skills for a week!


Good Luck, Have Fun.


P.S If the spawn portal to the nether is giving you trouble, use /warp nether