MCAU will be physically moving next week.

As in, I will be driving to Brisbane, turning off the server, putting it in my van, and then driving straight to Canberra. This does mean that we’ll be offline for almost an entire day. The trip is 1200km, but there are issues getting into the new datacenter outside of business hours.  So I’m assuming we’ll have the server back up the day AFTER it goes down.

In the interim, we’ll fire up the old server (a Dell 1950) and have that running in Brisbane until the new server is live.  The website will be a link to the live location of the server (or, at least, my mobile) if I can find a decent app that will let me publically share my location. There’s a latitude ‘widget’ that I can place on the page, but it seems a bit limited.

Edit: Found one.

AFTER THE MOVE: We’re going to make mcau more fun (as per the previous post). I gotta say, I was VERY impressed with this comment – and almost all of it is doable.

7 thoughts on “MCAU will be physically moving next week.”

    1. I’m fairly sure that we’re resetting the server anyway. Probably no time soon, as most of the NewSpawn managers were planning to restart the build. (I was a builder there, and the spawn wasn’t that pretty)

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