1.8 Server Showcase

For those that missed the Facebook post, the¬†showcase video for the 1.8 map is finally here! 20 awesome builders are featured in this one, with 1 more video to come hopefully some time this year. For those who applied to be in this video and sadly didn’t make it in, don’t worry there’s always the next one! If you think your build will look awesome in the next video, be sure to /mail send Austy in game who will be happy to consider it. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “1.8 Server Showcase

  1. Hey

    Great to see out work in the 1.8 Showcase! My Girlfriend sadly didn’t get credited for our work however (1:18 – 1:23), Is there anyway you could add an annotation for Haylovey as well? If you need to validate it is me I can log into MCAU to prove my Identity.


    • Hey NastyJerk!

      Apologies for not mentioning Haylovey, I’ll add her in via annotations this afternoon. Cheers!

      P.S: You’re build is amazing! You both should be very proud.

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