Goodbye 1.10, Hello 1.11!

UPDATE 2: 1.11.2 is LIVE! Connect using minecraft version 1.11.2!


UPDATE: Sorry guys, we ran into a problem and need to postpone the update. Stay Tuned!


We are saying goodbye to our long loved current map, and saying hello to a whole new spawn, seed and some features new to MCAU.
Join us for some pre-change fun in the old map as we count down to the swap this Friday (20/01/17) at 5 pm AEDT!

If everything goes to plan, the new map should be open to all not long after 7 pm AEDT.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye 1.10, Hello 1.11!

  1. Thanks very much to all the staff for getting this together – especially Fupery for his help on the night.
    Great to see some old friends returning to the MCAU community!

  2. Is there any way for us to download a copy of the previous world? I missed out on taking screenshots of my previous build 🙁

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