And we’re running 1.4.2!

So we’re running a temporary server whilst everything gets updated.  Things you need to be aware of:

1. No Logblock. We can’t check to see who’s done what
1a. This means no rollbacks.
2. No protection. Hide your stuff.
3. You’ll probably get griefed.
3a. If we catch griefers, they’ll get permabanned.
4. This is VANILLA. Creepers will kill you.
5. PVP is Off. No. We’re not turning it on.

Suggestion: Run a LONG LONG WAY AWAY FROM SPAWN.  Build your base there.  Then write down the co-ordinates to get back there (if you’ve built a bed and slept in it, that _should_ set your home)

Have fun!

16 thoughts on “And we’re running 1.4.2!

  1. hi rob is this map going to be an actual map…. in an event world or is it just for say a week then it gets deleted.. cos everyone’s building lolol but i have a lot of stuff in the other world.. thanks – riley79

  2. it’s sound so great though, but everything goes weird in the map xrob do u know? i’m not blame at someone i just want to tell u some truth.
    1. my stuffs got griefed (fine, it is warned, it’s just ok)
    1a. my dogs were attacked and killed, i told an op and he saw it but he didn’t do anything and just walk by. other players saw that as well, but ops just said there was no proof. (o.k. fine, no proof)
    2. my brother was dead and back to spawn, some admin built a small hut with fences and no exit, he could do nothing because it’s spawn, he was trapped there until die. so is that something normal for any map no matter it’s temp map or the normal map?

    i got angry and go to ask what did op and admin did. they said i am just overreacting it’s just a temp map. is that true? so is it alright that the op saw grief happening and just walk by? (that op start with n but not nich) is that alright that some guys with admin or op’s permission making a house trap players spawn at spawn point?

    if you guys think it is good it is ok, alright then, just take me as CAPS.

    • Not at lot of that made much sense. But from what I understood, I will address your issues.

      1. Your stuffs should have been protected.

      2. It would be great if you gave us the name of this admin, then we could possibly know more. Since you didn’t tell us his name, we don’t know whether or not an admin actually saw what happened. And yes, you are right, it is a temp map. Your pet wouldn’t be carried over to the real map, so there is no use complaining about it.

      3. I have checked around, and there doesn’t seem to be any hut with fences around it anywhere. And if there was, how exactly would he get in? And how could he have died in there?

      And as for you overreacting, they were probably right. No, things aren’t as out of order in the real map, but since this is a temp map, there is no use complaining over dying, getting griefed (Which you should have had protected, anyway) and having your pets get killed, since you wouldn’t see any of it again when the real map returns.

      But no, the server isn’t usually this chaotic, things are usually kept in line way better.

      And I have no clue what you mean by “Take me as CAPS”

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