Christmas Cancellation is Cancelled

It is with great joy to inform you all that Christmas is no longer cancelled.

Instead, we are cranking the dial up to double Christmas mode. We are going to be RUNNING Christmas this year! Yes! MCAU is going to be at the helm of Christmas 2013!

What does this mean? Well, it means that the following rules will replace the old ones:

1. It is now a crime to not own a Christmas tree

2. You must give at least one gift to another player.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this year it is MCAU’s job to make Christmas the best time of the year. Yes, we are Making Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Cancellation is Cancelled

  1. Just an idea, thought it might be nice if players had the option to download a christmas themed texture/resource pack. This might prove difficult depending on the availability of packs with the release of 1.7 (I’m still waiting for Soartex Fanver to update), but i thought i’d put the idea out there for admins to investigate if they so wished, might as well put this server texture pack feature to good use 😉

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