The End is Near! [1.9 release]


We’ve all been hard at work getting the server ready for 1.9, and it’s finally here!

You will be able to enjoy all the two-handed fist-waggling and methodical sword-swinging your heart desires this Saturday Night (9/4/16) at 7PM GMT+10, when we update the server to Minecraft 1.9.2!

As you may have heard, we will not be resetting the Overworld, but we will be resetting the End to take advantage of all the new 1.9 features – and, to celebrate, we’ll be slaying the Ender Dragon as a group!

We’ll need to briefly shut down the server to set everything up first (you can hang out with us on IRC while it’s down); this should only take a few minutes.

So this Saturday night, craft yourself a shield, head to /warp dragonFight, and let’s slay some Ender Dragon! With both hands!

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