New map on Friday! (…or sooner?!)

Hi guys!

The new map is here! It’s finally a real thing! We’ve been working hard to do the backend work required to get things going on the 1.8 map. It’s pretty exciting, and we’re going to be able to let people on this Friday evening! It’ll be happening at 6:30 AEST. Wooo! (That’s Brisbane time, by the way. NSW/Vic will be 7:30PM, SA is 7:00PM. I have no idea what kind of wacky time it will be in WA.).

Also, all you cool kids that have been donating to us all through the temp map period get an extra bonus: You can jump on the server and take a look around on Thursday night. I’ll be opening up the server to DONATORS ONLY at about 6:30PM AEST, and letting you play until 10:30PM AEST, Thursday night.

Thanks for playing on MCAU.

<3 hug.

17 thoughts on “New map on Friday! (…or sooner?!)

  1. so is anyone going to Tell the donators how to get a preview on thurs night?? anyone bother????? ive been asking for help for 2 hours, why the frig have i been paying for ages for to be ignored!!!!! IM PISSED OFF!

    • I’m really sorry you weren’t able to get on last night.

      Unfortunately, we’re unable to help every single user with technical issues, especially when they fail to use the “contact us” link at the top of this page. I was monitoring the IRC channel and Facebook messages all evening in case anyone enquired.

      Secondarily, we cannot always fix users technical issues. You were provided the information required to connect to the correct server ( several times, however you had an issue with your Internet connection preventing you from joining. I will note that around 20 other donators managed to connect to the server just fine, so the problem isn’t on MCAU’s end.

      Hopefully when we open the server this evening, you should be able to get on just fine. The “” address will be switched over and the temp server turned off. If you still cannot access the server, please use the “contact us” link, and join the IRC channel or send a Facebook message.

      Cheers, hug.

      • Sorry for going off, been anticipating this night for a long time, and to be teased by someone on IRC that “you non-donators are missing out” rubbed me up the wrong way!
        I sat here for 3 hours trying, none of the settings worked, (hostname not found),
        i guess when i first joined all animal life had been claimed, no one put pack what they took, when the temp map came out i found a spot and claimed it, but of course when i got back on all animal life had disappeared and i was left with nothing again.
        Im afraid same thing gonna happen again.
        Maybe your rule of replace what you cut down from trees should be to replace what you take, animal and tree so there isnt such a monopoly on resources, people want to play minecraft to get away from real life, not to see it in here as well.
        gonna try again tonight, see you all then!!!!

        • Don’t worry — if you make it on tonight you’ll have plenty of time to grab land, and I’ll make sure you get some animals.

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