Oh no, the server is down.

Edit: It’s good now -Alloy

The server is down, guys.

We’re super sorry about it, but this time it’s not at all our fault! The Internet connection that hosts the server is down, and we’re just sitting on our hands waiting for it to come back.

New map on Friday! (…or sooner?!)

Hi guys!

The new map is here! It’s finally a real thing! We’ve been working hard to do the backend work required to get things going on the 1.8 map. It’s pretty exciting, and we’re going to be able to let people on this Friday evening! It’ll be happening at 6:30 AEST. Wooo! (That’s Brisbane time, by the way. NSW/Vic will be 7:30PM, SA is 7:00PM. I have no idea what kind of wacky time it will be in WA.).

Also, all you cool kids that have been donating to us all through the temp map period get an extra bonus: You can jump on the server and take a look around on Thursday night. I’ll be opening up the server to DONATORS ONLY at about 6:30PM AEST, and letting you play until 10:30PM AEST, Thursday night.

Thanks for playing on MCAU.

<3 hug.

Test server for 1.8

Hey guys!

There’s a test server up for 1.8, it’s got no plugins (because they’re not available yet!) but it’s up and ready to go. If you want to log in and have a play, feel free, just remember that there’s no regions or anything, so you’ll probably get griefed. We’ll ban people who suck, but we’re not able to do too much else.

Check it out by connecting to TEMP.MCAU.ORG

<3 hug