Changes to Regions and Homes (Updated)

I’ve changed the number of regions users can have.  Previously, if you were a normal user (un-plussed, or non-D) you could only have one region.

However, due to people building two (or more!) things in different locations, I’ve given default users 2 regions. Here’s the list of region allocations:

  • ‘Newbies’ – this is when you spawn in the tower and have to read all the signs to get out. No Regions (coz you can’t do anything APART from read the signs)
  • ‘Default’ – after you’re out of the tower. 2 Regions
  • ‘User’ – When you’ve built something amazing. 5 regions
  • ‘Donator’ and ‘Dplus’ – 20 regions.
Also, Donators now have 20 homes, as well as 20 regions. Up from 10.

Also, there’s some new videos in the new Videos menu up the top.

5 thoughts on “Changes to Regions and Homes (Updated)

    • Hell yeah, extra homes rocks. So do 20 region for Ds, holy moly that’s awesome. Pretty much no limit on the scale of whatever you wanna build.

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