New rank. D++

Being that people are getting D+’ed surprisingly often (and that’s meant to be ‘epic builder’), we have a new rank.


But you don’t get it from us. Your build has to be so good that it gets onto the front page of /r/minecraft.

If you do submit some screenshots and it gets to the front page, use /modreq, tell us, and you’ll get a D++.

I’d be surprised if more than 5 people ever get D++.


  1. Survival only.
  2. No mod/admin help, no worldedits, or gifts etc.
  3. If you think you’re up for it, feel free to ask a mod to expand a region you’ve claimed
  4. No more than 5 people in total can work on it. We’ll be checking logblock.
  5. It can be whatever you want.
  6. You have to be the submitter of the photo to /r/minecraft. We’ll be messaging you there to make sure you’re not fibbing.
  7. Don’t spam /r/minecraft or you’ll get banned.
  8. Don’t try to cheat. We’re not idiots.
  9. Don’t mention MCAU when submitting. This is not to advertise MCAU. This is to prove how damn awesome you are.
  10. We’d like permission to put it in the random banner up the top, too. Please 8)

So, if you’re successful in posting, and get on the front page, you’ll get D++. If you get to Number 1 on /r/minecraft, you’ll also get a warp to you build.

If you’re NOT a donator and you manage to get onto the front page, you’ll get a months free D++ status, then go to ‘++’.. I’m not sure what that will entail. If you make it to #1 as a normal user, you get 6 months free D++.

Any more questions, feel free to comment here, or in the forums!

11 thoughts on “New rank. D++

  1. Can you clarify a few things for me please Rob,

    – Can multiple people help build the structure (as something epic takes a long time)
    – does it have to be on the server? If so, can it be done on creative?
    – Does it have to be a house/castle? Or just something Awesome?

    I know some of the questions sound a bit stupid and they probably are, just want to double check before I start building 🙂

  2. Hey Rob, could you please expand on the ‘no gifts’ part of rule 2?

    Does that mean that I have to gather all the mats for my build myself, or can the 5 other allowed workers gather as well?

    I ask because someone kindly left a chest full of sandstone next to my cathedral build, adding my name to the chest lock. Will I be disqualified from D++ if I take it…?

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