Time for a new ‘promotion’ build at spawn!

Update! The winner was Dazza (darrell310) whos house has been copied to spawn (turn right when you walk out of the front gate).

Last week (or was it the week before?) we copied someone’s impressive build to just outside /spawn.

We’re going to do it again tonight.

What you need to do is stand outside the place that promoted you, and do this: /modreq promotion house

The modreq will be closed almost instantly, but we’ll be keeping a list here and discussing it amongst ourselves.  We’ll decide which house gets moved where around 8ish, so you have a couple of hours warning (which, I realise, isn’t very much).

Get to it!

8 thoughts on “Time for a new ‘promotion’ build at spawn!

      • No, it can be any house that YOU have made. It is merely for those who don’t have a [+] to get some ideas.

        From the 2 houses that i have seen so far, they aren’t very big, and are very original. If you are trying to get your house at spawn, I would suggest making something that no one has ever seen before, something creative and different…
        P.S. Use a mixture of materials that work well together, not just wood planks or stone bricks.

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