Last reminder before D’s expire

If you haven’t re-subscribed since I cancelled all the donations, your D will be going away after the Queens Birthday long weekend.

Also, to make everyone’s lives just that little bit harder, I’m going to be down in Brisbane at a Roller Derby competition for the long weekend, so new D’s probably won’t be processed in a timely manner at all.

I will have my laptop, and will be on the net, but most of the time I’m going to be watching a pile of scantily clad girls beat the stuffing out of each other on Roller Skates. It’s going to be AWESOME.

For anyone who’s in Brisbane, and doesn’t have anything better to do than watching the above mentioned scantily clad girls beating the stuffing out of each other (.. and really, what IS there better than that?), feel free to visit the Tropicarnage Facebook Page, and say Hi, or, just rock up to Morayfield Leisure Center (near Caboolture) over the long weekend and see if you can spot me.

6 thoughts on “Last reminder before D’s expire

  1. As a broke teenager, I do my best to donate, but I also have to remain stingy as possible. I think I donated on the 20th or so (feel free to correct), so I’ll probably just re-subscribe again on the 19th.. hopefully that isn’t a problem. Feel free to email me if you have concerns.

    • littleturtle117- To go to the IRC, use the bar at the top. Go to ‘Contact Us’ and one of the options should be ‘IRC (Live Chat)
      Click on it and it’ll bring you to the IRC.
      Then type in your nickname (preferably your username) and enter the CAPTCHA code. If this is done correctly it should bring you into the IRC

      When using a PC (and possibly a Mac), when a beep is played, someone is pinging you to get your attention. The name of the person doing this will come up in red.

      To ping someone, type out their full nickname. If their nickname is long, type out enough of it so that it can’t be confused with any others, then press TAB. (This might be different for Mac users)

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