MCAU is one of the top Minecraft servers in Australia. With over four years of continuous running, it has become the top destination for Australian Minecrafters.

We run a Survival world, Event world, whitelisted Vanilla world, and an exclusive Creative world for donators, plus more! Grief protection will be available to all players to use on Survival.

Our staff team work hard to ensure that your Minecraft experience will be fun and grief-free. If you have been banned and wish to complain, please do so on the Ban Appeals forum rather than by commenting here.

Donator Perks

There have been many questions from players in regards to the perks received by Donators. What’s going to happen? Well we have some answers.


There will be no changes to the donator perks at this stage. We may make some changes to Honeybadger due to the crafting changes in 1.8 but nothing related to anything else.

If you have questions please see your friendly in-game staff member or pop on to IRC.

Server down for updates 1.7.9

Everythings all updated to 1.7.9 now, go free and frolic.

Howdy folks. We’re currently moving through the process of updating the servers (Lobby/Survival/Event+Creative/Vanilla) to 1.7.9. This should bring some slight game improvements, stop zombies from having all night chicken egg raves and generally be a good thing (Progress!).

Unfortunately, this also requires us to take down the server to do the update. So, as of this post Lobby and Event/Creative are now on 1.7.9 with survival and vanilla expected to take a couple of hours.

You won’t need to update your client but it is recommended to move to 1.7.9.

Thanks for your paitence :D