Minecraft AustraliaMCAU – is one of the top Minecraft servers in Australia. With over four years of continuous running, it has become the top destination for Australian Minecrafters.

We run a Survival world, Event world, whitelisted Vanilla world, and an exclusive Creative world for donators, plus more! Grief protection will be available to all players to use on Survival.

Our staff team work hard to ensure that your Minecraft experience will be fun and grief-free. If you have been banned and wish to complain, please do so on the Ban Appeals forum rather than by commenting here.

Minecraft 1.7.6 update

Update: This appears to be fixed now. I have connected using a 1.7.7 client.


Update 1.7.6 was released today and unlike the previous 1.7.x versions is incompatible with the server. So, if you can’t join what you need to do is downgrade your Minecraft.

You can do this by opening up your launcher, clicking edit profile (bottom left corner), there will be a long while box that says “Use Version: 1.7.6″ click the box and change it to 1.7.5/1.7.4/1.7.2. Any of them will work. Now, click “Save Profile” and you’re set.

You can then enter the game normally.

Enjoy :D


Does anyone remember that Vanilla server we were testing a while ago? Well, it’s ready to go now.

Applications for the whitelist are up now and then on 12/04/2014 at 10am AEST those who have been approved will be able to join the server. This’ll allow folks a little bit of time to get their things in order so we can all start together.


    • Hard Difficulty! Spiders and Skeletons pack more punch. Creepers will blow holes in your lawn – or your chest room. Zombies will break down your doors if they can reach them. You can even starve to death. Are you ready?
    • No Easy Commands: No teleport requests, no /back, no /sethome. You won’t even be able to /spawn. You can teleport only to your bed – but you must sacrifice an Ender Pearl and pay XP levels to do so, and don’t rely on it to get you out of trouble!
    • Equal Footing: No Honeybadger, no kits, no godmode, no ranks, no unfairness. Nobody gets any extras that could give them an advantage, including Donators. All users face the same challenges – even our Staff.
    • Donator Nicknames: We are currently working on synchronizing our Donator database to the new server. Once this is done, Donators will get a light-grey name and will be able to use a nickname. However, Donators will never receive perks that give any advantage over other players on Survival Challenge.
    • Grief Protection: As usual, we provide you with security against griefing. We’re trialling a new system called CoreProtect, which functions in a similar way to LogBlock. Our Modreq system is also available, but please use it only for reporting griefing. Although you cannot claim regions here, staff can roll back any damage, and you can protect your chests the usual way. Griefers will be immediately removed from the whitelist.
    • Staff Mode: To make life easier for everyone, we have introduced Staff Mode. It provides our staff members with a completely separated game-mode that won’t interfere with their own Survival game, leaving them free to jump in and help you at any time. It also prevents staff from cheating, by denying the use of most Staff commands while in Survival mode. Rest assured that our staff are playing legit right alongside you.
    • PvP and The Nether: PvP is disabled in the Overworld. But the Nether is a dangerous place. Like the Wild West of Minecraft, this is outlaw territory. In exchange for being the only way to rapidly travel between Overworld locations, the Nether has the added danger of other players being able to kill you and take your items. But beware – killers may earn themselves a reputation and become the target of other players. Often cooperation proves to be wiser than killing.


How do I apply for the whitelist?
You’ll be able to apply for the Vanilla whitelist by typing /vanreq ingame.
Note: If you’ve applied before the 9th of April you’ll have to apply again as the Whitelist was adding the names as all lowercase which was a problem.

Will there be PVP?
Not in the Overworld but the Nether is FFA. Bring a friend that won’t stab you in the back!

What happens if I get banned?
You’ll be removed from the whitelist and it’ll be extremely unlikely that we’ll ever re-add you.

Server’s not offline.

Should be all good now :D

Basically all the Mojang servers are down for the moment (Skin servers are still up, woo!).

There is no ETA on when they’ll be back up.

Also http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/

New ban system

We’re now using a brand spanking new kick/mute/ban system. What does this mean for you, the player?

Well, more transparency for one. All kicks/mutes/bans from today on will be publically accessable via http://mcau.org/bans/ along with the reasons for the kick/mute/ban, how long the kick/mute/ban is and which server the kick/mute/ban belongs to.

You might’ve noticed there was no mention of jails and that’s because this new plugin doesn’t do them. This isn’t a great loss as there was a sizeable chunk of folks who got themselves muted for spam or earnt a tempban on top of their jail for acting out.

Apart from that we’ll still be dishing out kicks/mutes/bans in the same way (via the angry hammer of the gods!) and for the same reasons (Griefing/Thieving/Breaking Rule #1)

Guide to registering for MCAU Cards (Pictures Included!)

It has occured to just about every staff member at this point that some of you are having a hard time registering for cards. To help possibly lower the amount of people who don’t know what to do, I have created a guide to help you register for cards. It even has pictures! Woo!

Anyway, let’s get started. For the tutorial I will be using my alt account _MasterExploder. To start off with, you need to log onto the server ingame. When you log on, you should see this welcoming message. If you haven’t, you probably took a wrong turn and ended up at the wrong place.

So now you’re in game. Open up chat and type /cards register. Exactly the way it is written in the image bellow.

Once you have done that, hit enter. Two chat entries from [CARDS] will appear, one of them will include a yellow link. These bits of text will appear only to you, so don’t worry about anyone seeing it.

What you need to do is click on the yellow link that you are given in chat. Upon doing that, you will be greeted with this message. Essentially it is warning you that you should be careful about links that people give you, and will give you the option to back out if you really want to. We have made sure this link is safe to use, so you can click Alright. My language is set to Australian English so it may appear different to yours. If you have not changed your language settings, it will appear as Yes.

When you accept the offer to go to the link, your web browser will open if it isn’t already and you will be taken to this webpage. If you have your browser open already, it will simply open up a new tab or window.

When this page appears, you need to type your Minecraft username EXACTLY as it appears in game. Do not use your nick name and do not include your brand if you have one. Just enter your full Minecraft username exactly the way it is. It is case sensitive, meaning you will need to include capital letters. For example, writing “_masterexploder” will not work as I have left out the capital letters. The correct way to enter my name would be “_MasterExploder” in order for it to work. When you have entered your username, click Confirm.

Now here is where you get to choose your password. Your password is VERY important because without it, you will not be able to access your card deck.
You can make the password anything you want so long as it is not too easy to guess. Passwords I don’t recommend are your username, small words like “dog” or easily guessable words like “minecraft” and so on. Above all, do NOT set make your password the same as your Minecraft or Email password. Like seriously. Don’t do that.
You need to enter the password twice, once in each box. They need to be EXACTLY the same otherwise you will not be able to progress to the next stage, so make sure you get it right! When you have done so, click Confirm.

When you have done that, you will be taken to this page here. This is where you can select your starting cards! Pick any one you want for now except “Help” because that isn’t a pack.

Once you have chosen a pack, you will be taken to the log on screen with this message. As the message says, make sure your are using the right password and that you enter your username correctly.

Great, now you can log in! Enter your minecraft username EXACTLY the way you did before, and also your password. They need to be exactly the same as the ones you entered earlier or you won’t be allowed to log in.

If you have entered your details correctly, you will be taken to a page that shows you your cards. This means you are finished and you have registered for MCAU cards! Next time you log in all you need to do is enter your username and password and you will be taken back to this page, you do not need to register again.

Now go and have fun with your cards. Keep an eye out for the Charizard card, those things are the best :)