MCAU is one of the top Minecraft servers in Australia. With over four years of continuous running, it has become the top destination for Australian Minecrafters.

We run a Survival world, Event world, whitelisted Vanilla world, and an exclusive Creative world for donors, plus more! Grief protection will be available to all players to use on Survival.

Our staff team work hard to ensure that your Minecraft experience will be fun and grief-free. If you have been banned and wish to complain, please do so on the Ban Appeals forum rather than by commenting here.

Test server for 1.8

Hey guys!

There’s a test server up for 1.8, it’s got no plugins (because they’re not available yet!) but it’s up and ready to go. If you want to log in and have a play, feel free, just remember that there’s no regions or anything, so you’ll probably get griefed. We’ll ban people who suck, but we’re not able to do too much else.

Check it out by connecting to TEMP.MCAU.ORG

<3 hug

The Bountiful Update (1.8) is here!

So 1.8 was released a short while ago (Thanks to Malimonkee for telling us).

If you’re having trouble connecting to the server it’s most likely because your game is set to auto update. To change your game back to an older version all you have to do is:

1. Click the ‘New Profile’ button on the bottom left hand side of you launcher.
2. At the top of the screen it’ll say ‘Profile Name’. Name your profile 1.7 (or Old I guess).
3. In the middle of the screen it will say ‘Use version:’ followed by a version. Click the box and select 1.7.9 or 1.7.10.
4. Click ‘Save Profile’
5. You can now switch between the 1.7 and the 1.8 versions of the game.

If you need more help feel free to pop into IRC or Facebook.

Other 1.8 related stuff:
New map / 1.8 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Contains a list of all the new things

Buildcomp: Winner Announcement.

Hey guys, thanks to everyone who participated! It’s time to announce a winner of the build comp, whose building goes to spawn. The runner uppers get a sneak peak of the spawn build, and everyone who participated is winning a small prize as a token of our appreciation for joining in. (You’ll see that prize later, guys!)

Without further ado, the winning build was by…


The runners up are htaliffy, Iyssden, _Zandros.

Winners were judged mostly on how well they fit in with the look of spawn as described by the hints, and a lot of you did such good jobs it was hard to decide on the runner-up winners.

Thanks again to everyone who joined in!

<3 hug.

1.8 FAQ

Lots of questions about what’ll be happening with 1.8 so it’s FAQ TIME! (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: When will we have the 1.8 map?
A: Whenever CraftBukkit and our necessary plugins are updated. Plugins like Essentials, Logblock and CommandHelper.

Q: Will we be able to take our Rank?
A: Yes, yes you will.

Q: Will we be able to take our money?
A: No, all money will be left behind on the old map.

Q: Will we be able to take our Cards?
A: Only your collectable and staff cards will transfer across. All other cards will be removed.

Q: What about McMMO?
A: McMMO will be reset completely. To offset this for the first week of the new map gaining McMMO Skills will be doubled!

Q: Will we be able to take our Builds?
A: Some extraordinary builds can be transferred across BUT only if you apply for it HERE. Note: We will be removing all chests, diamond/iron/gold/emerald blocks from these builds.

Q: Someone said something about Helicopters in 1.8?

Q: Will there be a temp map while we wait?
A: We aren’t currently planning to have a temp map but this could change depending on how long it takes for plugins to be updated.

If you have anymore questions post them here or in the forums and we’ll answer them :D