Donations are fixed, again

I shut down Donations earlier this year, because we were having some problems with Paypal, and updates not being received correctly from them, and people randomly losing their D privileges.

This is now fixed! Once and for all!

Everything is now done automatically, and paypal tells us what to do. This doesn’t mean PAYPAL is going to be correct, but at least I know who to point the finger at when things mess up in the future!

So, if you want those sweet, sweet, D perks, you can go and click on Donate now and get your promotion immediately!


1.8 Server Showcase

For those that missed the Facebook post, the¬†showcase video for the 1.8 map is finally here! 20 awesome builders are featured in this one, with 1 more video to come hopefully some time this year. For those who applied to be in this video and sadly didn’t make it in, don’t worry there’s always the next one! If you think your build will look awesome in the next video, be sure to /mail send Austy in game who will be happy to consider it. Enjoy!