MCAU 1.5 Live!

Greetings players! With the events of the 7th Star now a distant memory, 1.5 is Out and ready to go!

Enjoy the splendors of a new rich world, as you sail the MCAU seas in search of treasures and wonders2013-03-25_22.47Delve headlong into PVP, and fight tooth and nail against your enemies, or create a faction and rule supreme over all others2013-03-25_23.00

Or retreat to the MCAU Space Station 01 where you can catch a portal to another world, a spaceship to another universe, or Zgraxxis fever at a local drinking hole.


The choices are yours!

Impending doom has arrived!

This footage was found on the body of a permabanned griefer, and since we do not know its age, our 24 hours may already be up.

This is the 7th Star, Saviours of the digital world.
For too long we have watched this world shift and change to the admins demands
World after world after world, progress destroyed, chaos washed away
We have deemed this world, our world, and have taken control of it away from those who would control you.
This world will be saved, and its walls broken down!
Fire will fill the streets!
Explosions will echo in the distance!
We will lead you into a new reign of chaos and and liberty!
In 24 hours this world will be ours.
We are many.
We are freedom.
Expect us.

MCAU under attack

It has come to our attention that MCAU’s website has been defaced and someone is threatening to launch a giant nuclear bomb at spawn. We are currently trying to determine who “7th Star” are, and we believe they are impersonating (or worse, ARE) one of our staff.

MCAU does not negotiate with terrorists, and we are working hard to hunt down the location of the individual’s base and defuse the bomb before it is too late. We are currently using our satellite technology to search the map for clues, but because the map is so large, we need your help! You can access the satellite scans and hopefully help us find clues or even the bomb itself.

We are also working to restore our website to its former glory, however the attacker has encrypted the site and locked us out – all we can do is make posts. We are of course working to crack the encryption as fast as we can, but this may take hours or even days.

Our forums are still secure, so we urge anyone with information to post there and let us know.

– MCAU Administration