So, was he scamming or not? You decide…

So we often have people coming in claiming wildly that they’ve donated, when they haven’t. The reason why I pretty much insist on Paypal is because there’s ALWAYS a record. You always get a transaction ID, and if I turn evil, paypal will refund you your money. Everyone wins. Except for people who try to scam me. Lying about D’ing breaks rule 1 (Don’t be a dick) and gets your permabanned with no chance of recovery.

So, here’s what we see…
* archeryboy (b6efa3d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #mcau
<archeryboy> Hey i recently donated for D+ and i dont have it can you please help?
<archeryboy> Hello?
<cmrn> archeryboy, how long ago did you donate?
<archeryboy> about 4 weeks ago
<archeryboy> maybe longer
<cmrn> let me see if I can look into this for you, archeryboy
<archeryboy> Ok
<cmrn> X-Rob, ping
<archeryboy> And if i dont get my D i wont be happy :/
<leiger> archeryboy: If it was > 4 weeks ago, it’s possible you already got your D and it has since expired?
<archeryboy> Nope, i done it for a fair time
<archeryboy> i done it for yearly :/
<archeryboy> I made a donation for yearly :/
<archeryboy> cmrn i donated for yearly
<cmrn> archeryboy, what is your minecraft username?
<archeryboy> Archeryboy
<cmrn> Okay unfortunately I cant find any record of your donation in the list of donators, which means the person who has access to the PayPal account needs to chase it up (X-Rob)
<archeryboy> Okay. Well im not happy because that a waste of my money
<archeryboy> Thats was a waste of my 60 dollars i saved !
<cmrn> archeryboy, I understand you’re frustrated, I’m sure we’ll be able to sort it out
<Bride> calm down archeryboy we’re looking in to it
<cmrn> anything over about 2-3 days is unusually long to not recieve donator
<Bride> Also not mentioning for 4 weeks kinda complicates things
<archeryboy> Well, that wont do anything . because you all will think i didnt donate when i did, so really you guys wasted 60 dollars of my money. if i dont get my ‘D’ then j should get a higher rank , because thats $60 dollars of mine gone
<cmrn> archeryboy, there is no possible way your money can have disappeared
<cmrn> we just need the person who can access the PayPal records to search for it manually
<archeryboy> Well, Some how it has i donated $60 🙁 you know how long it took me to get that?
<archeryboy> I spent $60 and didnt get my D . and i think i should get a higher rank like ‘M’ if i dont get it
<archeryboy> Then i should get my ‘D’ now then
<leiger> Not until we can confirm payment. Patience is a virtue.
<archeryboy> How lond do you think it should take? Because i already have waited 4 weeks or more
<cmrn> archeryboy, Can I get you to PM me with the paypal email you used to donate? I will foward that info on to the person who can search for your donation
<cmrn> to PM me type “/msg cmrn your_message”
<archeryboy> Its not my paypal its my mums but i gave her $60 in cash then she paid on paypal :s
<cmrn> okay well I’ll need her paypal email address then
<cmrn> so we can find the transaction
<archeryboy> No, My mums account got hacked once before giving her email to some one -_-
<cmrn> Okay, I will pass on the information you have provided me along with your refusal to give the email address to the owner of the server who will look at it as soon as he can
<cmrn> I will SMS him now.
<archeryboy> \you probaly dont belive me . just dont belive me , fuck i cut myself then 🙁

Just as an aside here, threatening self-harm also results in an immediate ban. We’re not qualified to talk to you about any psychological issues you’re having. Talk to someone who is. They’re nice. We’re not. Normally, that line would have resulted in an IMMEDIATE ban, but we were a bit distracted.

<leiger> archeryboy: We’re trying to help you out here. cmrn is an administrator on MCAU, and can be trusted with your email address.

Again. Instaban.

<cmrn> archeryboy, I have no reason not to believe you
<cmrn> please stay calm
<X-Rob> I am actually here
<X-Rob> and I’m possibly going to refund this transaction I can see

I’d watched the last few lines – it’s my Son’s 4th birthday today, so I was upstairs having a birthday party. Someone ELSE had just donated, so I came downstairs to do that, and saw this happening on IRC… I’d read the self-harm bits and was going to refund his transaction, and ban him from the server – but it was someone ELSE who’d donated.

<archeryboy> No, i wont be calm i wont my ‘D’ Yearly. because thats what donated for –__–
<X-Rob> archeryboy, when did you donate?
<archeryboy> I should go cut myself 🙂
<X-Rob> Last chance, archeryboy, before I ban you from IRC and the server.
<archeryboy> X-Rob i donated aroung 4 weeks or morre
<X-Rob> archeryboy, you’re not in the spreadsheet.
<X-Rob> Got a paypal reference ID?
<archeryboy> i donated 4 weeks or more
<X-Rob> It’s in the email you got back from paypal.
<archeryboy> its not my paypal 😐
<X-Rob> archeryboy, well. What was the email address it came from?
<archeryboy> Last time i gave it away it got hacked
<cmrn> archeryboy, without either the email address or the payment reference ID we cannot track your payment
<X-Rob> archeryboy, note, people trying to scam D’s are permabanned.
<X-Rob> Just thought I’d clarify that with you first.
<X-Rob> Now. Are you sure you dontaed? If so, what was the paypal reference ID.
<archeryboy> Fine, but what happens if the email isnt there then?
<X-Rob> Then you give me the paypal reference ID
<archeryboy> i’ll give you the email
<X-Rob> which you received when you paypalled the transaction
<archeryboy> who caresi just wot have ‘D”
<leiger> archeryboy: Stop.
<leiger> Listen.
<leiger> They are attempting to give you your Donator rank.
<archeryboy> i wot have ‘D’ its alright
<leiger> Read what they’re saying, and you can help them to help you.
<X-Rob> He’s scamming.
<X-Rob> That’s my decision.
<cmrn> I agree
<leiger> Seems like that.
<archeryboy> i aint scamming
<X-Rob> archeryboy, so, give me the paypal ID.
<cmrn> archeryboy, then give us the paypal reference ID
<Bride> 4 months is a really long time to leave the donation
<X-Rob> Note he’s now said he’s not scamming 3 times.
<X-Rob> Bride, 4 weeks.
<archeryboy> its just i dont want to go thourg this shit just for ‘D’
<X-Rob> archeryboy, you’re going to get banned or you’re going to get D.
<Bride> Oh yeah derp
<cmrn> archeryboy, you really want to throw away the $60 you spent?
<X-Rob> these are the only two options left.
<archeryboy> I DONT WANT ‘D’ okay
<X-Rob> so you want to be banned?
<archeryboy> Sorry for caps :/
<cmrn> do you want your $60 back then?
<X-Rob> Yes, a refund is a third option, and I’ll unban him then
<archeryboy> No i dont its just i dont want to make trouble just t get ‘D’
<X-Rob> archeryboy, you’ve already made trouble. too late.
<X-Rob> So now I’m here to fix this trouble.
<archeryboy> Well forget it
<X-Rob> So you want to be banned then?
<archeryboy> You can take my + away
<leiger> “I donated $60, I’m throwing a fit because I can’t get the money back or a donation rank… but when offered the chance to get a refund, I’d like to decline, thanks.”
<cmrn> Here, I’ve made this really simple. You are now banned from the server
<archeryboy> you take my +
<X-Rob> archeryboy, you’re banned.
<X-Rob> thanks, cmrn
<cmrn> if we can find your paypal transaction, you will be unbanned and given donator rank
<cmrn> if we cant, you will stay banned
<archeryboy> I was not tryi ng to scam donater
<cmrn> now, do you want to help us find your paypal transaction?
<X-Rob> archeryboy[/] logged in
<X-Rob> I can confirm that this is the same IP address that’s logging into minecraft as that user
<archeryboy> You can try finding it i’ll give you the email but not anything else
<X-Rob> archeryboy, you’re banned from minecraft.
<X-Rob> I’m now going to ban you from IRC. In the paypal email you received, there’s my contact details
<cmrn> archeryboy, We dont really care at this stage, you are banned until you give us enough information to find the paypal transaction
<cmrn> it’s up to you now
<X-Rob> if you do find that email, you can email me and I’ll humbly apologise and unban you
<archeryboy> i’ll give you the adress for the paypall i used but not the ID
<X-Rob> archeryboy, you’re banned from minecraft.
<X-Rob> I’m now going to ban you from IRC. In the paypal email you received, there’s my contact details
<X-Rob> if you do find that email, you can email me and I’ll humbly apologise and unban you
<archeryboy> I’l give you the email i used but then you have to give me ‘D’
<X-Rob> Have you read that?
<X-Rob> would you like me to email you a copy of this conversation so there’s no confusion?
<archeryboy> if i give you the email , Will i get the ‘D’
<X-Rob> archeryboy, you’re banned from minecraft.
<cmrn> If we find a $60 paypal transaction from that email address, yes.
<archeryboy> Wiat if i give you the email and there’s no tranactions then i dont get ‘D’
<X-Rob> archeryboy, do you understand what the words ‘You are banned from minecraft’ means?
<archeryboy> Fuck off you gay cunts!
<cmrn> archeryboy, if you do not give us information that allows us to find your $60 paypal transaction, you will remain banned
* X-Rob sets ban on *!*@*.
<archeryboy> you an me for nothing!
* X-Rob has kicked archeryboy from #mcau (archeryboy)
<X-Rob> There we go, problem solved.

So. After going and looking through the logs to see if he’d been complaining in chat about not getting his D, we found this:
2012-10-24 11:03:28 archeryboy: What happens when you donate?
2012-10-24 11:04:23 archeryboy: What happes when your a donater?
2012-10-24 11:06:17 archeryboy: Hey its my b’day in 9 days can i get a free donate?

So, it’s his birthday today. Tries to scam a D. Gets banned instead. Fail.

Happy Birthday BlakeQLD – You’re banned

As regulars may know, BlakeQLD and JadeT are my kids that play on MCAU. Blake turned 4 (yes, 4) today, and had a pile of friends over.

He had a pile of friends over (ranging in ages from 3 to 10) , and one of his friends was using his computer and destroyed someone’s unprotected farm (seriously, guys – PROTECT YOUR STUFF. It’s EASY.)

And because I try to be fair and even handed with everyone, he has to bear responsibility for the actions of his account. His account did it, his account is banned.

However, this is probably the only time ever that ‘Someone else was using my account ‘ is a valid excuse, because he was physically with me at the time the griefing occurred. Normally this would be a 7 day ban, but due to it really truly not being him, it’s been shortened to 3 days.

So you may think that we’re bastards, but we’re honest and straightfoward bastards to everyone. Not just you.