About Withers

A lot of people are currently spawning Wither bosses near spawn, or near/in people’s houses. Withers are quite destructive and there have been several incidents of them being used to grief. So until further notice:


Building a Wither in the Overworld is now considered griefing and will result in a 7 day ban.

If you want to spawn Withers, go to the Nether and do it there. We may set up a special Wither-fighting arena in the Overworld later on for you to fight them in, but until then, building Withers ANYWHERE in the Overworld is banned.

— TerrorBite

And we’re running 1.4.2!

So we’re running a temporary server whilst everything gets updated.  Things you need to be aware of:

1. No Logblock. We can’t check to see who’s done what
1a. This means no rollbacks.
2. No protection. Hide your stuff.
3. You’ll probably get griefed.
3a. If we catch griefers, they’ll get permabanned.
4. This is VANILLA. Creepers will kill you.
5. PVP is Off. No. We’re not turning it on.

Suggestion: Run a LONG LONG WAY AWAY FROM SPAWN.  Build your base there.  Then write down the co-ordinates to get back there (if you’ve built a bed and slept in it, that _should_ set your home)

Have fun!

Minecraft 1.4 is coming in a couple of days.

It’s known as the ‘Scary Update’. And we’re scared. There’s a pile of new things in it – you can read about them here – and we’ll be doing the normal thing. As soon as it starts getting pushed out to clients, we’ll fire up a Vanilla server, and run Vanilla on a temporary map for a while. While you guys are doing that, we’ll be working madly behind the scenes, patching, fixing, and compiling, to get everything back up and working again.  As soon as we’re happy with it, we’ll be back onto our normal map.  Anyone who joins and asks ‘OMG WHERE IS MY HOUSE’ while we’re running on the temporary map will be laughed at.