Website Header Images.

As some of you may know, three of the four current header images are as old as September of 2011… (Those are the images at the top of this page with the big ‘!’ over the top of it).

So in saying that, us here at MCAU Headquarters thought it would be a marvelous idea if we let the players take their own images and submit them to us for ranking. We will undertake thorough inspection of each image submitted to make sure it is of absolute quality.

At the end, we will choose between eight (Yes, eight!) overall winners, and two major winners. The two major winners shall both receive:
• One month of donor-ship.
And overall the eight winners will:
• Get a sneak preview of next map's spawn.
• Be in a lovely group photo by themselves in front of said new spawn.
• Be in a magnificent group photo with MCAU Staff members!

“Yeah, that’s nice and all, but how do we enter!?” You say? Well, by following the steps below, you will be in the running for these amazing prizes!

  1. Take a screenshot of something AWESOME, from ANYWHERE on our server, using the default texture pack! (Press F1 to hide your HUD, and then press F2 to take a screenshot.)
  2. Make a copy of that screenshot and crop it to 1000px in width and 288px in height. (Failing to crop the image means we will not accept it, or we will crop it ourselves randomly and will not look as you intended.) (If you don't know how to get to your screenshot folder; Click Here.)
  3. Create a new e-mail with the subject: Website Header Image: <Your Name Here>
  4. Add the recipient of the e-mail as:
  5. Add your new image as an attachment to that e-mail.
  6. In the body of the email, type where you took the screenshot, and your username again. (Include the co-ordinates, they can be found by pressing F3 in-game.)
  7. Check the above details and click SEND.

Assuming you did all the above step correctly; you’re now in the running to win the smashing prizes!

You must use the default texture pack when taking your image.
You can submit multiple ones, but we will only use the best one you submitted.
The place you image does not have to be your own.

STATUS: Submissions are closed.

Queensland is a bit wet.

As you may have heard, some parts of Queensland are a bit damp. Sadly, I live in Gladstone, one of the EXTREMELY damp places, and my house has been flooded. Luckily  I’m in Noosa at the moment, after volunteering at a Roller Derby bout down here on Australia day, but I won’t be able to get home for a couple of days.

I’ll be waffling on facebook, for anyone that cares. But this does mean that D’s will be sporadically processed.

New Minecraft Server

We’re starting to get ready for 1.5, and we’re concentrating most of our efforts on getting rid of lag.  We’re going to be using a NEW minecraft server, called Spigot. It’s based on the ideas from CraftBukkit++, which we ran for a while and had good success with.

We’re also going to be doing some smarter load balancing, too, which means we’ll be able to run more worlds, and more realms. And yes. We may even bring in PVP. Maybe.