1.10, The Nether and MCMMO

We are now running 1.10 and the nether has been regenerated and is open for business.Any old homes or regions you had  in the nether have been removed too.

To celebrate, we’ve given you all a 25% xp boost to all MCMMO skills for a week!


Good Luck, Have Fun.


P.S If the spawn portal to the nether is giving you trouble, use /warp nether

1.10, The Nether And You.

We’ll be updating to 1.10 sometime this friday (24/06/16) and when that happens, we’ll also be regenerating the nether giving you access to all the new nether content that comes with 1.10 (and a fresh supply of nether quartz).

If you’ve got anything you’re particularly attached to in the nether (beacons, storage etc.), move it out before then or it will be lost when the nether is reset.