MCAU 1.12 and you!

Hi guys,
just an update to let you know we’re now running Minecraft 1.12 on Survival! We’re keeping the same map, and you’re all keeping everything you’ve had from 1.11. The event/lobby server are still running 1.11.2 but are accessible with the 1.12 client.
To also celebrate, We’ve enabled an extra boost in mcMMO experience gaining until the end of June!

Have fun!

Discord to Survival chat bridge

So as many of you know, we’ve had the IRC chat bridge in place for quite a while now. Now we also have a Discord chat bridge, hooray! This will allow verified users to send messages to in-game chat from their Discord clients.

To become verified you must run /discord link in-game and then message the numerical code to the @MCAU bot on Discord. After you do this, a #survival text channel will appear. Easy!

As always, the same rules apply, and using Discord chat to circumvent a mute or ban may result in further punishments.

If you don’t know about the MCAU Discord channel, join here

mcMMO is back!


We’ve brought back mcMMO for 1.9 to the survival server, with one small change: To activate any mcMMO ability, you will now need to sneak and right-click (whereas previously, you would have only right-clicked). You don’t need to sneak while you use the ability, just to activate it.

This was changed so as not to interfere with new 1.9 right-click abilities, and will also mean less chat spam for accidental right-clicks. For more information about mcMMO, visit their wiki page here.

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