MCAU 1.12 and you!

Hi guys,
just an update to let you know we’re now running Minecraft 1.12 on Survival! We’re keeping the same map, and you’re all keeping everything you’ve had from 1.11. The event/lobby server are still running 1.11.2 but are accessible with the 1.12 client.
To also celebrate, We’ve enabled an extra boost in mcMMO experience gaining until the end of June!

Have fun!

Oh no, the server is down.

Edit: It’s good now -Alloy

The server is down, guys.

We’re super sorry about it, but this time it’s not at all our fault! The Internet connection that hosts the server is down, and we’re just sitting on our hands waiting for it to come back.

Unplanned Maintenance – COMPLETE

Update: Things are back to normal, thanks for your patience! Original post below.

Hey guys. This morning (Wednesday, 7th October) our server is undergoing unplanned maintenance, as we work on making MCAU faster and better for you to play on.

During this time, you’ll see something like this in your server list:
MCAU is down for maintenanceWe’re not sure how long it’ll take to finish our work, but when the red message is gone, you’ll be able to join again. This post will also be updated. Keep checking back!