Changes to Regions and Homes (Updated)

I’ve changed the number of regions users can have.  Previously, if you were a normal user (un-plussed, or non-D) you could only have one region.

However, due to people building two (or more!) things in different locations, I’ve given default users 2 regions. Here’s the list of region allocations:

  • ‘Newbies’ – this is when you spawn in the tower and have to read all the signs to get out. No Regions (coz you can’t do anything APART from read the signs)
  • ‘Default’ – after you’re out of the tower. 2 Regions
  • ‘User’ – When you’ve built something amazing. 5 regions
  • ‘Donator’ and ‘Dplus’ – 20 regions.
Also, Donators now have 20 homes, as well as 20 regions. Up from 10.

Also, there’s some new videos in the new Videos menu up the top.

We’re in the paper!

I sat down with them a couple of days ago, having a chat about Minecraft. Apparently we’re on the front page of the paper. So Hi! to all the Rocky people who are interested.

If you don’t have Minecraft (the program) we don’t sell it – You buy it from But you don’t need to be online to play it. You can play it offline just as well as you can online. We just give you the social aspect.

You also don’t need to donate to play. This is totally a free server, you can go wild. Donators have a few perks, but we’ve tried to make it non game-breaking for everyone else, whilst still giving the D’s a bit of cred.

You can finally get your D again.

Everything seems to have stabilized… We’re immune to DDOSing. Everything is now on a stable platform (did I mention how bad Azure is? No? Well it’s terrible) and things are back in place.

So. I think it’s time that I re-open D’s.    For those that have been waiting, you can finally get your D on!

Head on over to the Donators page, put your username in and click on the ‘Subscribe’ button, and I’ll make it happen as soon as I can.

And for those that DO donate – thanks. You are the ones that remind me why I keep providing MCAU to everyone.



So now I’m putting the finishing touches back on everything.  We have live maps again! Yay!

Also, Experience Bottles have been fixed (sorry – they were accidently blocked.)

I’m also getting ready to fire up Donations again, for those that wish to continue to Donate. Remember, I love donators, and I think you’re all wonderful!