1.10, The Nether And You.

We’ll be updating to 1.10 sometime this friday (24/06/16) and when that happens, we’ll also be regenerating the nether giving you access to all the new nether content that comes with 1.10 (and a fresh supply of nether quartz).

If you’ve got anything you’re particularly attached to in the nether (beacons, storage etc.), move it out before then or it will be lost when the nether is reset.


vBulletin is dead, long live Discourse.

For those that haven’t been following the nerd news (and, that’s fine, that’s my job!), vBulletin – our forum software – has been having ongoing security problem after security problem.

I finally bit the bullet today and migrated everything to Discourse. Discourse is about the best forum software you can find at the moment, and it’s amazingly good.

Our forums have stagnated a bit recently, because vBulletin sucked so badly – I hope you enjoy Discourse a bit more!

The only downside is that you’ll need to do a password reset to generate a new password, as It’s impossible to import passwords, so it’ll need to be reset. Sorry!

Introducing ArtMap

Update: Plugin access is now open to Donors and [1]Users

Since you’ve all been such cool cats, we’ve made a new plugin for you all to enjoy! ArtMap  gives you the ability to paint directly onto a minecraft map using dyes. Currently only Donors and [2]Users will be able to paint, but this will be expanded as soon as we finish beta testing. We will be displaying any particularly awesome artworks that we see at the new /warp gallery.

For information on how to get started, head over to the ArtMap Wiki.


P.S. If you paint anything naughty, you will have your ArtMap privileges permanently revoked. Staff decide if an artwork is inappropriate, so be sensible.