Acebuild October

The triumphant return of the [ACE] building competition occurred last month, and the process went swimmingly, so we thought we’d continue it. The theme for this month is Robots & Statues. We’ll be accepting submissions of builds in-game at /warp ace until November 1st. Submissions can be made by yourself or a group of up to three players.

Players will vote for the winning build at the end of the month. For more info, check here. Good luck!

The winners of last month were JerichoDiamond and FarmboyJ, so go have a look at their build at /warp aceSeptember !

1.8 Map, do you want it?

A poll has recently been started on the survival server about whether or not there should be a new map for the 1.8 Minecraft release. Here is a post outlining important information and how to vote on this poll.

How to vote

  • Run the command: /Poll Vote newmap
    This will display a list of options which you can vote for.
  • Run the command: /Poll Vote newmap [Number]
    Please ensure [Number] is the number next to the item in the list you saw using the first command.

Points to remember

  • There is currently no release date for 1.8
    As per usual.
  • The current map has been up since the start of December 2013
    Wow, 8 months!
  • There may be a possibility for builds to be copied across to a new map
    This will only occur if the build is of a very high quality (Slightly higher than D+) and you fill out this form correctly.
  • Old maps are still visible from within the server.
    They are however in read-only mode.


1.7.2 is released, however…

As the title says, 1.7.2 is released.

However, we are of course going to stay on 1.6.4 until we have the new server/map ready to go. We will not be going to a temporary map Because Bukkit is slow, we are. So, go and enjoy your last moments being able to build on the current MCAU map before we made it a read-only map. It will be accessible from within the Event/Creative server, just like the two previous maps.

We’ll make another announcement once we’re up and running on 1.7.2


The end of MOD.

It has been a long road, and a hell of a journey (for them). From the team’s beginning as a measure to control the growing player base, the Moderators have gone through a number of changes to become what they are today.

Or rather, what they were.

Effective immediately, all previous Moderators have been promoted to members of the Administration Team with full privileges and permissions, and the Moderation Team has been permanently dissolved, gone forever.

Furthermore the Administration Team is now known as the Staff Team.

Let’s all welcome the following 6 members to the team!

Bearsgoroar For more extra information.